A Grave Situation

In many AVBCW scenarios and games tables is a church. Unlike reality they are rarely circled with a graveyard.

So I have determined to resolve that. I bought a pack of the Renedra gravestones.

The set should do four of these bases (7×6″) to give a good amount of open space that is not plain green grass, provides some cover and makes the scenery, ahem, come alive. It will also make the Church much more of an objective, with plusses and minusses for the various factions to use and abuse.

I’ll add some flowers to the next couple of pieces.

Of course this meant I wondered what a Russian graveyard looks like for my RCW/BOB games….

AVBCW: Ramshackle Barn – 1

Acquired today were some milk chruns and a Ramshackle barn kit:

Both were acquired in preparation for the latest AVBCW Big Game I am planning with JP later this month.The ramshackle barn is a plastic kit from the Perrys/Renedra and will do me for AVBCW, BoB, WHFB and AWI (the sleeper project). A very simple kit.

As t is plastic, I immediately decided to put it on a base, so I used the usual artists’ mounting card, and measured out a base large enough for the barn plus 30mm all round, and 60mm at the front. This means that I can move figures on 25mm bases around the building even if I have surrounded it with hedges/fences/something. I also rounded off the edges as square card edges always start getting damaged and fray something chronic. And look crap.

Painted the base immediately, and also undercoated the underside to prevent the card from warping too much.
The lean to was assembled after the main barn had been assembled and undercoated.

Its already been base coated with Foundry Bay Brown in prparation for tomorrow’s highlighting and general abuse.

It took less than an hour to do – ok it was spread out through the day whilst the gardeners gave me reasons to go to the tip twice with four builders bags of hedge clippings, and the project manager from the builders came and sized up my ever expanding boiler wreck project (he’s expecting more damage to be found).

I hope to complete this tomorrow as a mini project.


For the BoB I need more scenery so after some checking of contemporary photos of the RCW I chose to get some of the Renedra plastic wattle fences:

You get about 60 inches in one pack, complete with two gates.

They come with a single plastic foot per section, so as they are also light plastic, will fall over as soon as you look at them/knock the table, therefore I decided to base them on medium thickness card. Of course cutting card into strips only an inch wide oten makes it curl up a lot.

So I used my parents’ guillotine instead. the ends were tapered so you can them form corners.

Meanwhile I’m finishing off a Mark V Male tank for my White Russians to use – its going a bit slower than anticipated due to feline quality checks, I’m just waiting until he gets paint on his nose…