Rules: God of Battles to be published

Well back in late September I got hold of God of Battles at Colours. Since then there has been a deathly silence about the rules as if they had not been released…which pretty much sums the situation up. They hadn’t and somehow I’d stumbled on a pre release copy (?).

Well today I noticed an anomalous number of viewers (thanks) and tracked it down to a web site it was the author Jake Thornton’s own web site. Sometimes having web stats is actually useful !

Like it says in the title, God of Battles finally has a date set for its official release: the 1st of March 2013.

Seems my review is one of the few (only?) reviews of his new rules sets God of Battles. Now I’ve done a solo game and it certainly lived up to my expectations since I’d written the review in September. So another solo game and maybe a multi player game will be in the offing.

The rules themselves will be published in March, but as yet no announcement on the Foundry or TMP websites.