Mordheim: Defend the find (again)

The second game we played of Mordheim on Saturday. Again we rolled for the scenario, and got the “Defend the Find” scenario.
Jim chose the central group of four buildings to defend.

And then promptly remarked, he’d made a mistake ‘cos he was armed mostly with pistols and only two black powder guns.

He set his forces up, and then I planned how I was going to rush him, by surrounding him on all sides.

<img src="” alt=”” />

Including his new recruit, a young blood, known as “Kate”, which is short for “Bob”, as everyone sensible knows. (We had a conversation about he was introduced to “Kate” at university. We weren’t sure who was sadder, Jim for asking the question for what Kate was short for, or me for knowing it was Bob.)

Two of my scrofulous (and cheap) “marksmen” moved in to pick off the rather not well concealed Pirate.

And on the other side Claes von Geld my Captain lurked, in flouncy organe finery.

Whilst his la`ckeys moved in from a third side.

Jim decided attack was the best form of defence and mobbed the scrofulous marksmen rendering them useless, but taking up a lot of his force.

This allowed me to move in my Captain and CHampions and evict him from the buildings, and also giving “Kate” a good going over. Ahem.

Victory me again.

Mordheim: Into the Boar’s Nest

The Boar’s Nest is a small area of Mordheim rarely visited by warbands for many years and contains many treasures unheard of. yesterday, four warbands ventured into the area in search of fame and fortune.

Well ok, I named it the Boar’s Nest, because I served up pizza with boar steak topping (boar steak lightly fired, finely chopped red onion, and fresh parsley). It went down well with the Byakhees.

I dug out my Mordheim scenery, not used much for the last decade, and there was an unfinished piece of scenery ! Good job a couple of the Byakhees were late as I painted the underside of the base and the top of the base just in time.

We started deploying our warbands. (Jim’s pirates bottom left)

And Anthony’s Dwarf Slayer Pirates (Long Drong’s) not as painted.

And my own Claes Von Geld’s Wealth Redistribution Agents in spectacular ORANGE…makes a change to black, dark green and or khaki…

the first game was hunting the treasure chest, and my warband got crushed between Jim and Anthony’s warbands rolled badly and died horribly.

Even though we did try and get stuck in…

International Talk Like a Pirate Day

Well it is me hearties !

So I’ll be sitting back with a bottle of Rum, and BlackJack my feline parrot/cat upon my shoulder this evening.

And of course you can always play at pirates:

(Foundry, sculpted by Will Hannah)

Pirates !

Avast ye bilge rats, it’s International Talk Like A Pirate Day !

So get talking the lingo, or I’ll keelhaul you all.

The Official Site is here.

In the mean time here are some pirates I painted about 12 years ago. Mostly Foundry sculpted by Will Hannah:

The Captain and First Mates.

The crew, these figures I used for a Mordheim gang. The old Town Cryer magazine had alternate warband rules including some Pirate rules.

Knife thrower, seivel gun, and one of the original Citadel priates by the Perry twins (most of the set are now sold via Foundry).

Some ladies. And according to historical sources, may often have gone for the Page 3 look in battle to denote their gender !

Painted in reds and yellows, so quite different from my usual fare, and at the beginning of getting back into painting figures so a bit crude by my current standardds, but certainly good enough to field today.

A useful guide from Osprey.

Now I’m off for a bit to listen to Ramming Speed by the March Violets, a gothic sea shanty.