WHFB Tournament, Moles, and Pine Cones

For some time, we’ve had a WHFB day planned, and the numbers outgrew the capacity of Chez KIY especially when Byakhee Rich suggested a series of semi tournament games of 1200 PV armies on 4×4 tables.

So I hired the village hall (again), delegated the organisation to Rich, and sat back organising the BoB Big Game in June. This morning we set up three 4×4′ tables in the village hall to game on:

Lots more postings on the games as I wade through my photos and get input from the Byakhees ! We crammed in a load of games.

Warning pictures of dead critters may follow

In the meantime, the cats were busy. Today (Saturday) they brought me a Pine Cone. They must have travelled best part of a half mile to acquire said item:

Not sure why they brought this home, but hey whatever. I might be able to make it into a scenery piece. Best of all, they also delivered Mr Mole, dead, on Friday afternoon.

Normally I am agains lttle things being killed, but Mr Mole has made my lawn look like the Somme battlefield. So after two years of hunting him the cats finally got him.

They knew he was down there as they’d be seen watching the mole hills, and then going fishing with their sticky little paws….