Photo Box Part 3, White Dwarf 68 and a Cossack Standard bearer

Ok, so i made the Photo Box Mk1, with a white background. But I found a problem with that, so to make Photo Box Mk 2, I had other plans as I alluded to an old White Dwarf (WD) article as well. Rooting around in my collection, I found the offending article, in WD68:

It was the second WD I bought !

Right, so what does it say ? Well you need a coloured background, not just white. When I built the Mk1 box, I immediately found why – a white flag on a white background. From the Table Top Heroes column, you can see the basic Photo Box set up that I aimed for. You can also spot that many of the pictures were taken with a duck egg-blue background…

And here is the Cossack with Russian flag:

Now you can see the white of the flag properly.

I got the A3 pale blue paper from Hobby Craft in Hereford, and sprayed the inside of the box using a can of paint from Halfords also from Hereford. The Cossack is from Copplestone.

Also, you might be able to spot a few of the Giants I posted earlier in the bottom left hand picture.

Now all I need to do is buy a decent camera and learn how to use it ! 🙂

Photo Box Part 2 & More Ogres

Well after the engineer departed this morning leaving the washing machine still not functioning I hit the Bright Lights of The Big City and got some new kit. Day light bulbs are hard to come by but I got a decent Anglepoise lamp, and started upgrading the MK1 Photo box.

So no Day light bulbs anymore, but there were some LEDs that had controls on the wavelength of the light they produced…only they fitted none of the lamps I was able to buy and I didn’t fancy jury-rigging something up every time I wanted to photo something. Maybe for the future.

So with the multi part lamp I can now zoom in on them. Same Ogre, but with considerably worse natural light, but using the new photo box set up – two steps forward one step back:

Better, no shadow there, but a bit darker due to the lack of natural light (it was taken late afternoon with an overcast sky).

Some more Ogres, I’d never have taken this previously given the light levels and got a photo as good as this, and it is ok, not brilliant.

Now I have also started work on the Photo Box Mark 2 and hope to have that ready tomorrow.

Ogres Pictured:
Modified Mordhiem Ogre as per yesterday.
Five Ogres L-R:

  • Chronicle Ogre, designed by Nick Lund, produced by Citadel c1985
  • Citadel Ogre, designed by Jez Goodwin c1985
  • Mordheim Ogre, designed by the Perrys c 1999
  • Citadel Ogre, designed by Jez Goodwin c1985
  • Ditto

All but the first are based for Mordheim as Ogre Mercenaries. Based on a GW Warhammer Movement Tray to act as Dogs of War.

The Nick Lund (Chronicle) Ogre is a classic:

As are the Jez Goodwin ones:

They are not as big as the modern plastic Ogre Kingom models, but IMHO are much more characterful and fit well in the Mordheim genre.