WHFB: 2015 11 07 Oldhammerish – 1

Byakhee Jim & I had a game Saturday before last (yes its taken this long to edit the photos).
Only a small game of 2k per side of PV.

Very much in the flavour of Oldhammer – he was combining disparate units of Vampire Counts andf Tomb Kings, whilst I wass fielding units like the Steam Juggernaut and Pony Express on the Dwarven side.

Cutting a long story short, we have a complete blast and really enjoyed ourselves.

Jim ominously laid a d4 dice behind my lines – a sure sign something nasty would pop up…

Even cannons in defence works can pivot !
yes, I was using the old DS-1 set. 🙂

The Regiment of Renown – Dragon Company, whose rules we loosely agreed beforehand – +5PV for the brace of pistols each trooper carried. I did a standard magic weapong. The standard bearer/standard was not magical, maybe it should have been.

Jim sent bat swarms down one flank to tie up one of my units (15 Quarrellerererers)

And then flopped his Ghoullies out in the centre of the table.

The bat swarms were halted by the arrival of my secret unit – BlackJack ! He decided his tactics of sitting on Jim’s car had not worked the previous two times so he simply lay down on the table.

The Dwarf Steam Juggernaut smashed into the skeletons… Grave Guard unit. As the first Warhammer adverts said: “Let’s smash skulls !”

Unbreakable, the juggernaut lost combat but had reduced the Grave Guard in numbers. Rules were “experimental” to say the least.

Who cares ?

Meanwhile, Jim attempted to charge his Wight at the Rangers who failed their Terror test and ran away. This was a recurring pattern in the game – I seemed able to roll either 6 & 5, or 6 & 1 on 2d6. Jim was at this point realising that my other Dwarf unit closing on on the Wight might just possiblyn have a hero armed with a magical weapon. The last rmeaining Tomb Kings mounted archer meanwhile went on a Runesmith hunt.

Close – Up.

More to follow as the photos slowly upload.

WHFB: Third Border Patrol

Tutoring Byakhee Roo in the ways of righteousness continues:

1k points, Oldhammer Dwarves vs Dogs of War (DOW)…almost an Oldhammer army.

I set up my Rangererers in the woods (1st edition Bugmans! Only 10 of them).

Roo had bulked up his Cavalry and Swordsmen though.

We were also jusing Magic for the first time.

The cavalry got hit by my canon, and immediately failed their LD test and scarpered.

The Rangererers got stuck in against the hapless Handgunners

Hmm, this didn’t look good, 9 Pony Express Ridererers versus 8 Swordsmen having been whittled down by Cannon and X Bow fire.

meanwhile I was getting it handed to me on a plate as One Eyed Sally’s Warriorererers were whittled down by Roo’s firepower !

Crunch! The Pony Express ambles in after a “charge”…

But fails to over-run the Swordsman and Wizard, but by this point Roo had lost.

Next game to follow shortly !

WHFB: A Second Border Patrol

So Monday before last, Byakhee Roo and I upgraded our forces to 750 points each to expand our options and so that Roo could learn some more. Roo has played wargames for years, has his own mancave, but is a bit rusty on WHFB.

So I finally unleashed more of my Oldhammer Dwarves – all classic pre-slotta and early slotta figures.

Including as you can see, the original Dwarf Bombard, and the even more fearsome Pony Express, comprised of Dwarves on ponies !

Roo fielded more Dogs of War classic regiments, such as the Birdmen of Catrazza.

both sides’ cavalry advanced across the board towards each other…the Pony Express at M6 was a bit slower. 😉

Crunch – Roo’s cavalry get to my troops first – One Eyed Sally’s Clansmen (yes I have named all the units, which guarantees their defeat).

But the Pony Express charged the Birdmen who turned tail (literally) and fled, and then failed their LD test to reform and fled off the board.

Adding insult to injury, One Eyed Sally’s clansmen defeated the knights, and Roo faield another Ld test and his knights hot footed it ! The dwarves couldn’t catch them in the pursuit though.

Reforming, the Pony Express charged into the swordsmen, and defeated them. Obviously they pursued the swordsmen, but guess which K-Niggits had finally rallied and were caught by the Pony Express ?

Yup, the Pony EXpress wiped out the last of the K-Niggits, and it was Game Over !

So after two games it was one all. We agreed to another session the next Monday (yesterday now – its taken me that long to write this up !).

The Pony Express figures,are early Fantasy Tribe Dwarves, plus a few other bits and bobs I’ve got, and I’ll write up a separate post on them by Xmas (Fingers crossed) with close ups. I estimate building the unit of a mere 10 mounted dwarves has cost in the region of £100. Now the nurses tell me it is time for my medication…. 😎

WHFB: Border Patrol and a lot of Oldhammer – 500 Points

In preparation for Xmashammer, Byakhee Roo who has not had much recent Warhammer experience asked the flock for some small games to bring him up to date with WHFB v8. I was able to oblige, and wanted to field my Oldhammer Dwarves. Roo also was fielding Oldhammer Dogs of War (DOW).

Aside from a gratuitous posting of a cat, whilst waiting for Roo to turn up after work, I managed to paint the sides of my GW Battleboard which is something that has been bugging me for the last couple of years – yet took less than 5 minutes to do.

So we started off with a 500 points battle. The Portal of Kittens caused disruption but made no overall difference.

My Slayers got nowhere…slowly, being blown apart by the Organ Gun lite, and musketeers.

The Dwarf Clansman, lost the combat against the heavy cavalry and had to make a Leadership test…of course I rolled two 6s, ran away and so Roo pursued and wiped them up.

But not off of the board…

Having defeated my Dwarf Clansman under One Eyed Sally, Roo’s cavalry returned and looked likely to make Shambles’ X-Bows part of the sandwich…I threw the towel in…round one to Roo. The dice were against me as Roo admitted.