AVBCW 2013 04 13 The Second Battle of Much Marcle II

As Umpire I left this table much to its own as JP is well versed in the game, but I kept an ear out for events. This table seemed to be overwhelmed with lucky strikes by mortar rounds that deviated from intended targets onto other unfortunates.

The approach to the cider factory – an apple orchard and a long road…

JP’s Anglican’s move through the orchard, and his newly purchased tankettes advance along the road.

Gav A’s Anglicans under Rev Verity march across open ground fronted by their Sutton Skunk armoured tractor.

The Anglicans close in on Weston’s Cider Factory woith the SA Rugby Team On Tour defending and the locals are….to the rear…

The Skunk gets up close and personal to the SA Rugby Team On Tour !

The Rev Verity leads his troops forward.

With style, JP’s Anglicans jump over the stile… (sorry)…

The Reverend Verity and the command squad get hit by yet another stray mortar round and are wiped out !

The Royalist and BUF forces held out, just.

However, the Anglicans prevented them supporting the counter attack at the Radio Transmitter. This resulted in a moral/technical victory for the Anglicans on Table 2.

As a result, the BUF are in control of the Radio Transmitter on the Much Marcle Ridge, but have only a tenuous supply line to the site.

maybe the next scenario is: A Ridge Too Far

AVBCW 2013 04 13: The Battle of Much Marcle Ridge II

The full table, with the western edge of the ridge on the right hand side – a steep and wooded hill side leading up to the top of the ridge, whilst the eastern side was slightly less steep and open with fields and a farm.

The Anglicans and their allies deployed on the steep slope, the BUF on the other side. Both were hampered by difficult terrain halving movement, and restricting lines of sight, so cards were deployed (including blinds) to simulate the fog of war.
The first units are revealed – BUF cavalry under Captain Arrowsmith.

Flanking the ridge, a BUF HMG and an Anglican unit square off.

The first fight for the Transmitter sees the Anglicans pushed back – just – after the BUF manage to shell their own troops by mistake. The Anglicans had planted bombs in the farmhouse and barn. The bomb in the farmhouse failed to go off, which was just as well for the BUF as a command squad and a unit of spotters would have been wiped out otherwise. The bomb in the barn went off giving the BUF some propaganda.
Meanwhile the Anglicans and BUF are slowly exposed.

The BUF cavalry attempt a charge and fail (by an inch).

The Anglican HMG and Field Gun are finally revealed.

The BUF sniper shot at and failed to kill the Bishop, due to the Medics rule, but subsequently shot a Vicar (NCO).

Both sides stalled, neither wishing to commit troops over the ridge, but the BUF had troops in the transmitter’s area, had outflanked the Anglicans and so won the game. Had it gone on longer…

Best bits:

  • The Sniper shooting the Bishop…only for the Medic rule to save him
  • The Bombs going off – a real shock for the BUF
  • The spotting rules – the Veteran BUF spotted the Anglicans early on, much to their shock even though they were in woodland – a lucky roll, but within the rules.

Bad bits:

  • I should have ruled more decisively on the ridge and spotting rules
  • The WTDW rules were ambiguous on a number of cavalry related rules
  • Tym rolled abysmally for the “to kill” rolls, about one wound in 17 to hit rolls which really hit the Anglicans’ chance of success

Next time round for the game “A Ridge too Far“, I will simplify the spotting rules and ensure that they are written down, that all players have read them beforehand, and dedicate a good 30 minutes to explaining them to the confused and befuddled players.