BoB/RCW: Mortar – Part 1

In the run up to the BoB Big Game in late June, one of the players (a stu-dent*) asked if they could have a mortar instead of a field gun.

Now in the 30 years I’ve been reading about the RCW, I have never come across any mention of mortars, nor seen any pictures.

So I asked over at the Lead Adventure Forum if they were used in the RCW.

Turns out they didn’t really – they pretty much only used captured German/Austrian mortars.

Fed up of HMGs as the only support weapon, I devised a new project. I bought the Great War Miniatures German minewerfer, replace the heads with some spare Copplestone BoB Infantry and err. Bob’s your uncle…actually I do have an uncle called Bob…

So I went round to Rich’s Pinning Services(C)/(TM) this morning…

Only problem was one of the crew had an entrenching tool…

It all went well.

A bit of liquid greenstuff, the mortar glued together.
First one should be ready in a few days.

* There was a student, he was acting up, he got a slap. But I was under severe provocation.