Pirates !

Avast ye bilge rats, it’s International Talk Like A Pirate Day !

So get talking the lingo, or I’ll keelhaul you all.

The Official Site is here.

In the mean time here are some pirates I painted about 12 years ago. Mostly Foundry sculpted by Will Hannah:

The Captain and First Mates.

The crew, these figures I used for a Mordheim gang. The old Town Cryer magazine had alternate warband rules including some Pirate rules.

Knife thrower, seivel gun, and one of the original Citadel priates by the Perry twins (most of the set are now sold via Foundry).

Some ladies. And according to historical sources, may often have gone for the Page 3 look in battle to denote their gender !

Painted in reds and yellows, so quite different from my usual fare, and at the beginning of getting back into painting figures so a bit crude by my current standardds, but certainly good enough to field today.

A useful guide from Osprey.

Now I’m off for a bit to listen to Ramming Speed by the March Violets, a gothic sea shanty.

Special Guest Superstar DJ: Witch Hunters

A unit Byakhee Rich has been building, lots of conversions and general insanity – a Witch Hunter unit…

Aeterna Specula – “The Eternal Watchtower”

The pictures don’t do them justice !

The Brotherhood of the Eternal Watchtower scour Middenheim and the surrounding area looking for signs of heresy; for the Witch, the Beastman, the Skaven, the Goblin, the lawless, and bring them to Sigmar’s justice. They are a mixed bunch with varied backgrounds – some are devote Sigmarites, some follow Ulric; some are driven by a desire to do good, some by vengeance, some by their own personal daemons (not literally of course!). There are professional soldiers, former woodsmen, farmers, and bandits, and keen amateurs, drawn from near and far by the charisma of their founder and his lieutenants. All over the Drakwald their battle cry, “Nos sumos Aeterna Speculam!” will strike fear into the followers of Chaos.

The leader and founder of the Aeterna Speculam is Agis Wachturm, a stern, devout man with a steely gaze. He has been a Witch Hunter for 20 years or more, but he never talks about his previous life… As a young man, Agis was on watch duty in the rickety watch tower guarding his home village. It was a bitter cold night, and he had a little too much warming brandy, which meant he was asleep when Beastmen raided the village, razing it to the ground with as the militia stumbled half awake and unarmed from their beds. Agis was awakened by fire and screams, and watched the whole thing unfold from the burning tower. When the Beasts had left, he stumbled half-mad from the ruins and somehow made it to the next village where the local priest took him in. When he finally recovered his senses and confessed his guilt, he found himself filled with the courage to seek vengeance on all of Chaos’ followers…

Adan Dammerung was a novice priest when he heard one of Luthor Huss’ fiery sermons. With a sudden certainty he knew he wanted to follow a similar path. Indeed, such is his unbridled fury and faith in the face of Chaos that he causes them to flee before him! Unusually for a Sigmarite priest, he wields a sword along with the typical Warhammer. “Sometimes Chaos must be crushed outright, sometimes it is a canker that can be cut away from the soul”. Dammerung acts as confessor for the Brotherhood, and as such is party to all Agis’ secrets.

Warmund Kurz is a professional soldier who fought in the armies of Middenland. He joined up with the Aeterna Speculam after his regiment was all but wiped out in battle with Orc raiders. The battle was turned when the Brotherhood arrived on the scene, Agis shooting down the Orc Shaman with a runic bullet in each eye. Kurz had no qualms in signing up immediately, bringing a couple of experienced men with him. Kurz is certainly driven, but not a fanatic, and his cool head and military training have become a key to the ongoing success of the Aeterna Speculam as a genuine battlefield force rather than a rag tag band. Kurz likes to take the fight to an enemies’ champions, and eschews either helmet or Witch Hunter hat, after he almost lost a duel with a very tall Chaos Warrior because he couldn’t see his overhead blows coming down!

The Brotherhood has many other notable individuals:

  • Von Halbling, possibly the Empire’s only Halfling Witch Hunter
  • Rolf, Master of Hounds
  • Faustmann Kantor, the standard bearer who can recite hours of Sigmarite litany from memory
  • Hartwig and Horst, the slightly unhinged flagellant brothers
  • “Skully” Johannes, the alcoholic one-man-armoury who is never separated from his precious skull…

Bloddie Firestarterer, Dwarf Quartermaster, responsible for the two important resources of fire and gunpowder. Which is why he has a lamp, not a naked flame…

Mordheim – Part Two

Game 2:

So after my game aganist Anthony, he took on Jim who was fielding a Skaven warband. Skaven are quite tricky to deal with when you have new warbands as they often come en-masse. (Apologies for the quality or lack there of, of the photos, light levels remain terrible here needing lights on almost all day round at the moment)

And so it proved. Anthony set up a firing line high up in the buildings, and advanced his warriors and Warlock into the centre of the board.

Only for the Skaven to come at them from both sides, and cause a lot of casualties. His archers not having good lines of sight as they were too far back.

And so Anthony did a quick sharp exit. And found that his Captain would be missing for the next three games, so went back to the start and set up a new warband – Dwarves.

Game 3:

Jim and I next had a game – and I tried to learn from Anthony’s mistakes. So I sent four combat guys rounds the edges of buildings, whilst my archers (all two of them tred to get a bit further foward to target the Skaven.

Only to find that one of Jim’s Heroes had got the Sprint skill, giving him a charge range of 18″ meaning he got into combat with my centre group…whilst the rest of his warband mobbed my combat guys. I came away relatively unscathed.

Three games, and its 4pm, so Anthony and I gang up on the ascendant Skaven in a roughly evenly matched game…

Game 4:

We set up on the raised area of the board:

Yet again, we were encircled and picked off by the Skaven and their pesky slings. Even before we could react, I’d lost 4 men, and utterly failed my bottle test.

The Dwarves (mostly Long Drong’s Slayer Pirate figures, plus an antique Grenadier model) decided to cut and run shortly afterwards.


  • We had forgotten most of the rules !
  • …and the tactics…
  • What we did remember was used in good stead
  • Skaven are very good when it is low level warbands
  • They won’t get away with that again !
  • Its still a really fun game and you can pack loads of jokes into your warbands and their names.

Mordheim – Part One

Before I moved to my current location (Carcosa), the Byakhees and I had regular, weekly games of Mordheim and Necromunda. However, in the past 6 years we haven’t played these games at all !

So after Anthony suggested we have a game or two, we set a date, and I found and (sort of) dusted off the scenery I’d built about ten years ago. As you can see, its made up from the original boxed set scenery (which was pre printed card scenery with plastic corner walls and other items), the expansion pack and even a ruin from Warhammer a boxed set. Then I got some 5mm foamboard, a lot of balsa wood, more of the plastic scenery sprues and a 10litre tub of textured masonry paint and went and build the rest of the ruins myself.

Jim was a bit late arriving, and had to finalise his Warband. So Anthony & I started off a game with Jim reffing. It was amazing we had forgotten so many rules in the intervening years. As a cut down version of Warhammer from several editions ago, it still adheres to many of the older rules.

I chose my flamboyant Marienburgers to play as an antidote to all the balck and dark colours of Dark Elves and BUF that I’ve been deploying recently. Mordheim is great for picking out all the odd and random figures you have. So we often dig out figures from the Golden Age. In fact whilst my heroes were all the official Marienburger figures, the supporting warriors and marksmen were old Citadel C series fighters, and the marksmen were Foundry Picts.

WE remembered that it was always wise to keep groups of figures close by each other – one of the special rules in Mordheim means an isolated fighter often will run for it when confronted by the enemy. Also getting up into the upper storey’s of buildings is good for shooting.

Not that it helped me much, having got some Wyrdstone, I had my hero, champion and two warriors put out of action/stunned by SAnthony’s Reiklanders and so bottled it and ended the game after a mere 3 turns ! All over in less than an hour. But it was good fun and I came away with a nice set of loot.

So began the adventures of: Captain von Geld’s League of Extraordinary Adventurers and the Crimson Permanent Assurance

And Now for Something Completely Different: Mordheim

Yup we had a few games of Mordheim today:

Byakhee Anthony had expressed a desire to do some Mordheim when we went to Colours.

So In had a quick rummage and found all the scenery I’d made 10 years ago.

Byakhee Jim joined us, and we had four games….

Loads of photos, so will be editting them tonight and publishing tomorrow. 🙂

Photo Box Part 2 & More Ogres

Well after the engineer departed this morning leaving the washing machine still not functioning I hit the Bright Lights of The Big City and got some new kit. Day light bulbs are hard to come by but I got a decent Anglepoise lamp, and started upgrading the MK1 Photo box.

So no Day light bulbs anymore, but there were some LEDs that had controls on the wavelength of the light they produced…only they fitted none of the lamps I was able to buy and I didn’t fancy jury-rigging something up every time I wanted to photo something. Maybe for the future.

So with the multi part lamp I can now zoom in on them. Same Ogre, but with considerably worse natural light, but using the new photo box set up – two steps forward one step back:

Better, no shadow there, but a bit darker due to the lack of natural light (it was taken late afternoon with an overcast sky).

Some more Ogres, I’d never have taken this previously given the light levels and got a photo as good as this, and it is ok, not brilliant.

Now I have also started work on the Photo Box Mark 2 and hope to have that ready tomorrow.

Ogres Pictured:
Modified Mordhiem Ogre as per yesterday.
Five Ogres L-R:

  • Chronicle Ogre, designed by Nick Lund, produced by Citadel c1985
  • Citadel Ogre, designed by Jez Goodwin c1985
  • Mordheim Ogre, designed by the Perrys c 1999
  • Citadel Ogre, designed by Jez Goodwin c1985
  • Ditto

All but the first are based for Mordheim as Ogre Mercenaries. Based on a GW Warhammer Movement Tray to act as Dogs of War.

The Nick Lund (Chronicle) Ogre is a classic:

As are the Jez Goodwin ones:

They are not as big as the modern plastic Ogre Kingom models, but IMHO are much more characterful and fit well in the Mordheim genre.

Mordheim – Dark Elves

As a stunning surprise for all the Byakhees, when the Lustria articles came out for Mordheim in The Town Cryer, I opted for Dark Elves. It was actually at the same time as the last but one set of Dark Elf models were released, and at that time I was not playing WHFB.

Here’s my hero:

More SDC…

And my what a big sword you have…

But I do like the cloak I painted.

And here’s a few conversions just swapping hands round.

To make them more three dimensional.

The shades at last, no changes there.

Now maybe I should break out my Mordheim terrain for some photographs…