Frostgrave: Another brick in the wall

So Byakhee Rich and I counted our lott, cackled gleefully and spent money on new efforts at world conquest. And then had a second game. Again it was the KISS as Rich learned the game, and I reminded myself of the rules and got into the spirit of frost grave – more of which later.

Now, when we set up, I did a roll for an out of game spell, and lo, there was a seventh treasure token on the table !

We chose a different set of sides this time to vary the game without having to rebuild the table’s scenery.

Shielded by the archway building, and having won initiative, Rich opted for an upfront charge for the treasure, including the treasure on the altar at the centre of the table.

BUT, when getting there and attempting to pick up the treasure, it disappeared like a cheshire cat’s smile….Yup, that sneaky out of game spell, I;’ll let readers work out which spell that was (and remember: Points mean prizes).

Under fire, Rich retreated, but his archers loitered in nearby buildings, so I shut down their lines of sight with….another Wall spell to much gnashing and wailing of teeth by Rich’s Necromancer (who is evil and must be destroyed).

He did however summon a zombie and send it to fight one of my archers.

Rich had failed to get off a couple of spells, and decided enough was enough and decided to get out of dodge…

Whilst I cleared up getting the treasure high up on the third floor of the building.

So whilst Frostgrave doesn’t have specific rules for “winning”, I came of very well from this game.

A few well placed spells helped out and by targeting the right treasure Lady Elizabeth is now a 10th level wizard.

We had a few queries about out of game spells which we’ve now resolved using the FAQ/Erratta on LAF.

Rich commented that, yes he would need to revise his spells (maybe for a new war band), much as I found after a few games with my first Wizard’s war band.

I also felt I’ve now got the hang of frost grave, which though superficially similar to Mordheim, has many many more links to RPGs and a much stronger campaign element.

Ho hum, next week sees a game with JP and Alan hopefully, so we shall see if my new ethos stands up to scrutiny by other wear bands !

Frostgrave: Breaking them in

Byakhee Rich got the Frostgrave rulebook and so for my abrf day decided to have his first game.

I also used it as a sort of text for my second war band under the Lady Elizabeth to see if the difference between Wizards’ level experience would make a huge difference.

As usual it was using my Mordheim terrain, and we set up as usual with 6 treasure tokens we placed. Rich’s war band was led by a necromancer (who is evil, and must be destroyed).

As usual, he’d expected his war band would not be balanced or competitive which is what i found with my first war band.

So we set up, and got going. BTW, Lady Elizabeth was only level 2 – an Enchanter.

Having learnt from JP’s wizard (who is evil, and must be destroyed), one spell I had was Wall, a very useful but insanely annoying spell. So after Rich’s scum got to the treasure on the central altar first (yes my initiative rolls were dire), I plonked a wall in place to prevent them escaping with the loot.

Ok, a wall…errrmmm did scenery boy have a wall ? Nope. So I made one very quickly out of the pizza box. Which as Rich pointed out was appropriately “Stonebaked”.

The more aesthetically pleasing side !

Resulting in a to-do between the war bands. The Gorilla-Bear (a long story) was killed) but then I put a wolf out and one of the warriors. Intent on pursuing my prey…

I chased up with my archer, only for him to get decked by Rich’s treasure toting warrior.

Whilst a good LOS allowed Rich’s necromancer (who is evil, and must be destroyed) to fire a bone dart at my thug carrying the treasure. Even worse, my Apprentice managed to attract a swarm of flies courtesy of the Necromancer’s Apprentice.

So I fixed this problem by casting another Wall spell.

So my Apprentice confidently stepped out, picked up the treasure…only for the second wall to disappear, and for him to get an arrow in the back.

By now I was severely depleted in numbers, and hauled the treasure off the table in order to live to fight another day.

So a level 2 wizard, does not grossly outrank a level 0 wizard.

Second game to follow.

Mordheim: Altar

Another item built back c2001 and never properly finished off – a great big Altar. I use this as a centre piece for a town square or such like, suitably desecrated by the forces of Chaos and Evil.

All very grey !

So I set about renovating it with some colour and spruced it up with an Orc’s skull to replace an ordinary skull that had come off.

It was built from a simple thick card base, with two 3mm slabs of foam board suitably weathered, and then the altar itself on top. Paving slabs were the usual cereal/pizza card box cut to shape.

The entire edifice was then decorated with off cuts from GW Zombie, Skeleton and Skaven sprue.I made a deliberate effort to do a lot of highlighting and washes, again to make the piece seem a bit more colourful than the grey dull version it had been.

Also, I paint figures

Long time no post, have been busy with a few projects.

One of which was tidying up the rest of the Mordheim and human figures I have, and a very gaudy project needed finishing off.

Yes, Lady Kate, who I created for a game of Frostgrave, but wanted to integrate with my Mordheim Marienburgers, who are stylishly decked ou in Orange (marienburg/the Wasteland being based on the Dutch Republic).

So the dress colour of Orange and black was sorted, then I hit the wall. What hair colour ?

So I was stuck, I didn’t want to do blonde hair, nor red. Black would be boring, as would brunette.

Then of course I realised a week or so ago whilst watching BSG, the answer was on the screen…bottle blonde. Tricia Helfer’s hair colour for Number Six would really stand out.

And the reason for such a selection of gaudy dress and hair…

…was because a mentioned previously, the Mordheim/Frostgrave terrain is very very dull, full of greys and tans.

So by choosing these colours the figures really stand out, are photogenic, and are totally different to the black based themes of Dark Elves, and the endless khaki of AVBCW and BoB.

MH: 2015 10 31 More Mordheim – 3

So, on to our third game of the afternoon, a straight up skirmish, head to head.

BlackJack was clearly disgusted with events, and was ignoring me despite me having opened the cat-door for him.

Again changing table edges, we set up – the SXkaven mass in the middle.

Their sorcerer taking up a vantage point.

As did my “Marksman” ho ho…

The Witch Hunters moved forward.

Only for the Rat Ogre to pounce upon my Priest. Surprisingly, the Priest survived, and did a crticial hit causing two wounds to the Rat OGre, and it was my go next…

…and the “marksman” who was on the floor above did a diving charge and caused the third and final wound the Rat OGre, just as the rest of the Warband surged forward into the square.

Mass melee !

But the Skaven move in in greater numbers…

Both sides committed all their forces.

Mayhem !
But sadly…

Greater numbers paid off.

My Priest died, but I finally got a number of useful skill/stat increases.
Jim had chosen from my Skaven models so that he could use his own figures in the future, so scores will be settled.

We’re yet to have the discussion on whetehr Skaven are too powerful. I think his warband benefited from lots of cheap slings in the first two games, as I really only had two people with ranged weapons – the “marksman” and my Captain (pistol).

Cross-patch BlackJack: “So you had the stupid human round, and lost all three games ?”

MH: 2015 10 31 More Mordheim – 2

Having reminded ourselves of the Mordheim rules (mostly) a fortnight previously Byakhee Jim & I raced through to a second game. Jim was still of the opinion that Skaven are over powered, but I insisted we played the rules as written and discuss it later (yes, I was the Witch Hunters).

Neither side had lost any models, but there were a few injuires. We set up on a different set of sides to vary the game. This time we were fighting to retain Wyrdstone we had already found.

Jim’s luck with the dice continued, he had 3 shards of Wyrdstone, I had a measly one !

The Skaven massed behind a building (my flagellants just visible top left on the other side of the building). The sun was getting low and whilst bright was causing lots of extreme contrasts of light, so apologies for the quality of the photos.

Black Skaven pounced on my With Hunter Captain and killed his puppy.

Whilst the clanrats did for another puppy, and my “marksman” did SFA.

Two flagelants and the Priest moved forward, as the Rat Ogre lurked.

And yet more Skaven lurked, fortunately within charge range of me it turned out.

Not neccesarily for the best…again Jim’s luck with the dice continued, he rolled three 6’s one after the other, all on different dice.

So I’d lost the second game, BUT BlackJack turned up to sit on Jim’s car again. This was deliberate – he’d done the same thing a fortnight previously.

Mordheim: Defend the find (again)

The second game we played of Mordheim on Saturday. Again we rolled for the scenario, and got the “Defend the Find” scenario.
Jim chose the central group of four buildings to defend.

And then promptly remarked, he’d made a mistake ‘cos he was armed mostly with pistols and only two black powder guns.

He set his forces up, and then I planned how I was going to rush him, by surrounding him on all sides.

<img src="” alt=”” />

Including his new recruit, a young blood, known as “Kate”, which is short for “Bob”, as everyone sensible knows. (We had a conversation about he was introduced to “Kate” at university. We weren’t sure who was sadder, Jim for asking the question for what Kate was short for, or me for knowing it was Bob.)

Two of my scrofulous (and cheap) “marksmen” moved in to pick off the rather not well concealed Pirate.

And on the other side Claes von Geld my Captain lurked, in flouncy organe finery.

Whilst his la`ckeys moved in from a third side.

Jim decided attack was the best form of defence and mobbed the scrofulous marksmen rendering them useless, but taking up a lot of his force.

This allowed me to move in my Captain and CHampions and evict him from the buildings, and also giving “Kate” a good going over. Ahem.

Victory me again.

Mordheim: Breakthrough

Our second game of Mordheim was the Breakthrough scenario (number 4 on page 129 of the good book):

If the attacker manages to move two or more standing warriors to within 2″ of the defender’s table edge, they have broken through and he wins the game.

We diced off, and Jim was the attacker, myself the defender. Hmm, given that Jim had 13 warriors and three had the ratehr useful “Sprint” skill, and I only had 10 warriors and only one sprinter it wasn’t looking good…

I took the high ground, so I could reduce the board to a the smallest number of choke points possible. So the walkways you can see in the photo got kicked away by the henchmen in the first turn.

Though he’d left three pirates attempting to climb up the high ground by moving ladders around, Jim’s main thrust for the game was to mob me on the ground level.

Unfortunately for him, I’d left all my heroes, lying in waiting along that route.

Jim charged 6 of his warriors in, in two waves against my two defenders on my right flank, but then I countercharged two more heroes in against the second wave.

As I had equipped most of my heroes with Lucky Charms, I held the first wave of attacks, and then set about reducing the number of bilge rats fighting against me.

Not quite a scene from Minas Tirith, but the pirates managed to move a ladder in and climb up to attack my henchmen on the higher level. A combination of luck and good weapons defeated them, and two of the three barnacle bottom’d raiders were put out of action.

Meanwhile, my youngblood and henchmen/meat shield attacked his captain, with mixed results…

Meanwhile the main fracas was over, the beleagured two pirates seen here were quickly dispatched. This left Jim with about 7 models off the table and he failed his bottle test.

Jim was gracious in his defeat and commented:

In the 2nd Game, I was just soundly trashed. I blame my incompetence (I forgot a few stat advances that I had) plus Giles’ skill in the end I think I had 6 or 7 off the board. Ouch !

This imbalance was quite noticeable as I only had 2 off the table. How I pulled that one off against an experienced foe such as Jim I don’t know. The dice weren’t rolling in either one of our favour.

Still we had FUN, which is the key thing. ! 🙂

Mordheim: More scuffles in the ruins

Byakhee Jim agitated for a games session at short notice, and only Scott & I were available, and as Scott had some dodgy plumbing to sort out, couldn’t do more thsan a few hours, so we chose to do Mordheim.

So dusting off (literally) the scenery again, I set the board up.

I was again playing Marienburgers: Claes Von Geld Wealth Redistribution. Jim was using his Pirates masquerading as Marienburgers, and Scott opted for Middenheimers after I failed to find my Skaven.

Mordheim isn’t a very photogenic game, because the scenery is simply lots of dark burnt out ruins. Luckily, the figures as they are all individual, and in Jim & my case painted in gaudyn colours do help to stand out quite nicely. Sadly, as Scott was borrowing my (unpainted) figures he didn’t get that benefit.

So the first game was a treasure hunt between the three warbands – the loot was in a building found on a roll of 12 on 2d6 when a new building was entered.

Jim took the high ground and sent in his pirates against a henchmen of mine, who was supported by a champion.

The Pirates and Middenheimers fan out across the field of battle looking for the loot – as it happens, it was eventually found in the building bottom right. By the pirates. I did speculate as to whether the Middenheimers with 4 war dogs had any skills in terms of sniffer dogs…

And a scene reminiscent of Kitten Kong !

The three warbands were now stuck in, mostly Jim’s Pirates were squeezed by both of the other warbands.

The Pirates and Middenheimers had a pitched fight.

Whilst the pirates sent in against my lot came off worse, as I poured in more fighters.

And though I lost a youngblood, my captain put the boot in to another pirate.

The Middenheimers came off worst in their scuffle with the pirate, and having already lost their Priest, bottled it….so Scott left on time leaving Jim in dire straights.

Before Scott was barely off my drive, Jim failed his bottle test and ran for it leaving me with the treasure chest…11Gc and a Jeweled Sword…wow !

We then had another game…

Mordheim: Revisiting a new Level

About 14 years ago, I built a load of scenery for Mordheim which was a regular game my then group of gaming friends played weekly. Taking a leaf out of GW’s book, I added in a second level to the gaming table.

I made a carcass out of foamboard with a top of artists card, to which I added A4 sized sheets of textured cobblestone from railway modelling sources.

This gave another level to the basic board – the entire thing is about 20 inches square, so not to be ignored, but really disrupts the playing area.

That was 14 years ago, and the passing years haven’t been kind. So in preparation for this weekends gaming session which is going to be Mordheim, I decided to drag it out and renovate it.

It had warped over time, and due to the various glues used, and the foamboard carcass had never been exact.

And it had never seen a lick of paint – we were using bare chipboard pieces as a table back then !

A lot of glue later, to make it all stick together, I left it overnight, weighed down by two boxes of lead figures (AVBCW actually), to flatten it all out.

I then used a new sheet of artists card to make a base for it – and you can see in the ophoto that even fresh out of the packaging the corners are frayed, which is why I round them off.

This was then painted black on the back, to start to straighten it out – the card will warp one way, and then the paint on the other side will warp it back to almost flat.

The corners and joins of the railway arches were greenstuffed to make them blend in a bit better.

The entire edifice was then painted, again using the tester paint pots I’ve had done up previously – this is a seriously large area to cover so doing this scenery necessitates these large paint pots.

Then highlighted with light grey and then my basing biscuit colour.

Again, with a large amount of glue, the base was added to the edifice, weighed down and left overnight.

A much more robust piece of kit. Later today, I’ll be at work at a few Marienburger mercenaries, and then tomorrow doing some renovations on the buildings I have to deploy on to this level and the main level (boards).

I have a building acting as a staircase up onto this extra level and a very rickety bridge, that could probably also do with renovation.