Frostgrave: A first outing

Byakhee Jim came round for another session of Frostgrave, as my two war bands were 10+ level, I thought it unfair to throw his 2nd level against them, so used the KIY and a new war band. I chose KIY to be an Elementalist.

A simple one to one, this time Jim had come packing the “Reveal Secret” spell and so one of the 7 treasure chests was an illusion.

Doozlebat set up his forces…

And the minions came with lots of bows resulting in my archers tumbling like pins.

Just as well KIY had the ever popular Wall spell.

Allowing my war band to start collecting the treasure.

Unfortunately, I found the false treasure ! 😦

Doozelbat’s minions moved in on my lot.

My apprentice went down to another well aimed arrow – Jim was rolling a lot of 20’s.

KIY was also shot so resorted to the usual meat shield.

So another wall was conjured to cover the retreat of KIY and his sidekicks…half of whom who had been downed in the battle, a rather ignominious first outing.

We got a second game in, to follow…

He has an aversion of people repeating his name three times…(updated)

Just finished off a new Wizard for Frostgrave, rumours are he doesn’t like hearing his name repeated three times…

As is appropriate for this blog, its The King In Yellow, possibly.

In the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game published by Chaosium, the King in Yellow is an avatar of Hastur who uses his eponymous play to spread insanity among humans. He is described as a hunched figure clad in tattered, yellow rags, who wears a smooth and featureless “Pallid Mask”. Removing the mask is a sanity-shattering experience; the King’s face is described as “inhuman eyes in a suppurating sea of stubby maggot-like mouths; liquescent flesh, tumorous and gelid, floating and reforming”

Again this appealed to me not only because of the links to this blog, but because a bright yellow would help the figure and its minions would stand out amongst the ruins.

This wasn’t the first time I’ve painted this figure…

A typical Cultist I did about 2001, in brown and red.

And this was the original dolly used, that was the Lone Wiolf Helghast figure, again in boring red.

I think the latest version works better.

Now all I need is to do up a cultist war band. In mellow yellow yellow…