AVBCW: On the brink of the hills

Following on from the last posting here’s the third battle report.
JP’s take on the day is here

Third battle

JP and I moved the scenery around again for the third battle.

The Blackshorts advanced up the road and the MHC reaching their vantage points on the hills – that JP has insisted on stringing out across the middle of the board – shot them up and reduced them from 5 to 2 in short order before the Blackshortsw picked off Sergeant Great and Private Wells.

The MHC used the cover and concealment of the trees to blunt the BUF attack.

However JP had chosen the Sniper Trait for one of his knobbly kneed inions and his commander was on hand to ensure the forces of the BUF didn’t run away. As both forces were now on rout tests but with high Command ratings, and nether force was willing to cross open ground we had a stalemate. As gentlemen, we agreed to end the game as a draw.

We’d had a fun three games !

I was going t include a brief commentary on the Brink of Battle rules, but s got too long so, next post…

AVBCW: 2013 8 03 – Part Three

The MHC vehicles darted in an picked up tea chests under the noses of the blackshirts !

One of the Croydon Crushers got one, but was cruelly shot in the back after reaching MHC lines, so medic Doc Morrisey stepped in to haul the loot^^^^^ tea to safety for HM.

My, my, here come the Fuzz

The wrong arm of the law decided no to run into the middle of the firefight but tried a flanking move that was beaten of before entering the pub !

This turned out to be a brave move that failed….the BUF artillery was terribly inacurate and landed a shell on the pub. JP’s dice rolling let him down, and the Police suffered more casualties than the resident MHC veterans squad…who charged into combat and decisively beat off the fuzz in a classic bar room brawl ! :-O

The BUF load up on sugar, and despite the best efforts of the armoured car escaped unsctahed – they were only 2 inches outside the range of the Morris’ BOYS anti-tank rifle !

The last two remaining raw recruits drag their tea chests to cover !

The remaining MHC veterans defend the beer garde`n from BUF and other annoying thngs, like wasps.

JP’s take on things is here

A very enjoyable game. JP conceeded as he was down to less than 10 men, and I was down to 15 or so. We had both lost our commanders we forgot to invoke the rules on those incidences), he had lost his standard.

In the end totting up the points it was 98 points for me, and 80 for him, so a closely fought contest that both sides had seen ebbing and flowing.

Both of us had independently decided not to bring tanks and concentrate n small arms stuff and that certainly helped. Little accidents like stray shells and pub brawls also fitted the scenario’s background well. We even pulled a chance card saying all forces stopped to brew a cup of tea. 🙂

AVBCW: Equine Madness

As most painters and gamers know, painting horses is one of the most difficult things to do. So, having painted all my Colourful White Russian Cavalry, what do I do ? Yup, embark on some AVBCW BUF Cavalry….

As you can see, they are multi part figures. Both the Great War Miniatures, and Musketeer cavalry are multi part figures.

Each have about five (5) parts to put together all told. The GWM have integral horse and rider pieces, but then have separate arms for sword, lance, rifle or pistol. The Musketeer riders are separate and have a solid fist that needs drilling out to accept a steel pin for a lance (thanks Rich). Both have separate attachments for rifles and sabres to the horses’ furniture.

I’ve already got a dozen or so BUF Cavalry, but over the last year for Xmas and b’day pressies have accumulated more, so that I have some proper squads for both BUF and MHC forces.

Not all this pile of lead will get painted by Evesham, as half of them are for the MHC which are not appearing there – I am typecast as a BUF commander it seems. 🙂
That’ll teach me to wear so much Black.

I’ll b e using Kevin Dallimore’s painting guide books to paint the horses.

Given that the BG-5 Evesham event is coming up, this is my next goal to finish off another unit or two so I can field them there, especially as JP is convinced I’m going to screw up his forces. I don’t know why – I am so innocent (he says polishing his halo).

And then, there is another set of Equine madness that should come week after next…