Mordheim: Defend the find (again)

The second game we played of Mordheim on Saturday. Again we rolled for the scenario, and got the “Defend the Find” scenario.
Jim chose the central group of four buildings to defend.

And then promptly remarked, he’d made a mistake ‘cos he was armed mostly with pistols and only two black powder guns.

He set his forces up, and then I planned how I was going to rush him, by surrounding him on all sides.

<img src="” alt=”” />

Including his new recruit, a young blood, known as “Kate”, which is short for “Bob”, as everyone sensible knows. (We had a conversation about he was introduced to “Kate” at university. We weren’t sure who was sadder, Jim for asking the question for what Kate was short for, or me for knowing it was Bob.)

Two of my scrofulous (and cheap) “marksmen” moved in to pick off the rather not well concealed Pirate.

And on the other side Claes von Geld my Captain lurked, in flouncy organe finery.

Whilst his la`ckeys moved in from a third side.

Jim decided attack was the best form of defence and mobbed the scrofulous marksmen rendering them useless, but taking up a lot of his force.

This allowed me to move in my Captain and CHampions and evict him from the buildings, and also giving “Kate” a good going over. Ahem.

Victory me again.

Mordheim: Breakthrough

Our second game of Mordheim was the Breakthrough scenario (number 4 on page 129 of the good book):

If the attacker manages to move two or more standing warriors to within 2″ of the defender’s table edge, they have broken through and he wins the game.

We diced off, and Jim was the attacker, myself the defender. Hmm, given that Jim had 13 warriors and three had the ratehr useful “Sprint” skill, and I only had 10 warriors and only one sprinter it wasn’t looking good…

I took the high ground, so I could reduce the board to a the smallest number of choke points possible. So the walkways you can see in the photo got kicked away by the henchmen in the first turn.

Though he’d left three pirates attempting to climb up the high ground by moving ladders around, Jim’s main thrust for the game was to mob me on the ground level.

Unfortunately for him, I’d left all my heroes, lying in waiting along that route.

Jim charged 6 of his warriors in, in two waves against my two defenders on my right flank, but then I countercharged two more heroes in against the second wave.

As I had equipped most of my heroes with Lucky Charms, I held the first wave of attacks, and then set about reducing the number of bilge rats fighting against me.

Not quite a scene from Minas Tirith, but the pirates managed to move a ladder in and climb up to attack my henchmen on the higher level. A combination of luck and good weapons defeated them, and two of the three barnacle bottom’d raiders were put out of action.

Meanwhile, my youngblood and henchmen/meat shield attacked his captain, with mixed results…

Meanwhile the main fracas was over, the beleagured two pirates seen here were quickly dispatched. This left Jim with about 7 models off the table and he failed his bottle test.

Jim was gracious in his defeat and commented:

In the 2nd Game, I was just soundly trashed. I blame my incompetence (I forgot a few stat advances that I had) plus Giles’ skill in the end I think I had 6 or 7 off the board. Ouch !

This imbalance was quite noticeable as I only had 2 off the table. How I pulled that one off against an experienced foe such as Jim I don’t know. The dice weren’t rolling in either one of our favour.

Still we had FUN, which is the key thing. ! 🙂

Mordheim: More scuffles in the ruins

Byakhee Jim agitated for a games session at short notice, and only Scott & I were available, and as Scott had some dodgy plumbing to sort out, couldn’t do more thsan a few hours, so we chose to do Mordheim.

So dusting off (literally) the scenery again, I set the board up.

I was again playing Marienburgers: Claes Von Geld Wealth Redistribution. Jim was using his Pirates masquerading as Marienburgers, and Scott opted for Middenheimers after I failed to find my Skaven.

Mordheim isn’t a very photogenic game, because the scenery is simply lots of dark burnt out ruins. Luckily, the figures as they are all individual, and in Jim & my case painted in gaudyn colours do help to stand out quite nicely. Sadly, as Scott was borrowing my (unpainted) figures he didn’t get that benefit.

So the first game was a treasure hunt between the three warbands – the loot was in a building found on a roll of 12 on 2d6 when a new building was entered.

Jim took the high ground and sent in his pirates against a henchmen of mine, who was supported by a champion.

The Pirates and Middenheimers fan out across the field of battle looking for the loot – as it happens, it was eventually found in the building bottom right. By the pirates. I did speculate as to whether the Middenheimers with 4 war dogs had any skills in terms of sniffer dogs…

And a scene reminiscent of Kitten Kong !

The three warbands were now stuck in, mostly Jim’s Pirates were squeezed by both of the other warbands.

The Pirates and Middenheimers had a pitched fight.

Whilst the pirates sent in against my lot came off worse, as I poured in more fighters.

And though I lost a youngblood, my captain put the boot in to another pirate.

The Middenheimers came off worst in their scuffle with the pirate, and having already lost their Priest, bottled it….so Scott left on time leaving Jim in dire straights.

Before Scott was barely off my drive, Jim failed his bottle test and ran for it leaving me with the treasure chest…11Gc and a Jeweled Sword…wow !

We then had another game…

Mordheim: Into the Boar’s Nest

The Boar’s Nest is a small area of Mordheim rarely visited by warbands for many years and contains many treasures unheard of. yesterday, four warbands ventured into the area in search of fame and fortune.

Well ok, I named it the Boar’s Nest, because I served up pizza with boar steak topping (boar steak lightly fired, finely chopped red onion, and fresh parsley). It went down well with the Byakhees.

I dug out my Mordheim scenery, not used much for the last decade, and there was an unfinished piece of scenery ! Good job a couple of the Byakhees were late as I painted the underside of the base and the top of the base just in time.

We started deploying our warbands. (Jim’s pirates bottom left)

And Anthony’s Dwarf Slayer Pirates (Long Drong’s) not as painted.

And my own Claes Von Geld’s Wealth Redistribution Agents in spectacular ORANGE…makes a change to black, dark green and or khaki…

the first game was hunting the treasure chest, and my warband got crushed between Jim and Anthony’s warbands rolled badly and died horribly.

Even though we did try and get stuck in…

Mordheim – Part Two

Game 2:

So after my game aganist Anthony, he took on Jim who was fielding a Skaven warband. Skaven are quite tricky to deal with when you have new warbands as they often come en-masse. (Apologies for the quality or lack there of, of the photos, light levels remain terrible here needing lights on almost all day round at the moment)

And so it proved. Anthony set up a firing line high up in the buildings, and advanced his warriors and Warlock into the centre of the board.

Only for the Skaven to come at them from both sides, and cause a lot of casualties. His archers not having good lines of sight as they were too far back.

And so Anthony did a quick sharp exit. And found that his Captain would be missing for the next three games, so went back to the start and set up a new warband – Dwarves.

Game 3:

Jim and I next had a game – and I tried to learn from Anthony’s mistakes. So I sent four combat guys rounds the edges of buildings, whilst my archers (all two of them tred to get a bit further foward to target the Skaven.

Only to find that one of Jim’s Heroes had got the Sprint skill, giving him a charge range of 18″ meaning he got into combat with my centre group…whilst the rest of his warband mobbed my combat guys. I came away relatively unscathed.

Three games, and its 4pm, so Anthony and I gang up on the ascendant Skaven in a roughly evenly matched game…

Game 4:

We set up on the raised area of the board:

Yet again, we were encircled and picked off by the Skaven and their pesky slings. Even before we could react, I’d lost 4 men, and utterly failed my bottle test.

The Dwarves (mostly Long Drong’s Slayer Pirate figures, plus an antique Grenadier model) decided to cut and run shortly afterwards.


  • We had forgotten most of the rules !
  • …and the tactics…
  • What we did remember was used in good stead
  • Skaven are very good when it is low level warbands
  • They won’t get away with that again !
  • Its still a really fun game and you can pack loads of jokes into your warbands and their names.

Mordheim – Part One

Before I moved to my current location (Carcosa), the Byakhees and I had regular, weekly games of Mordheim and Necromunda. However, in the past 6 years we haven’t played these games at all !

So after Anthony suggested we have a game or two, we set a date, and I found and (sort of) dusted off the scenery I’d built about ten years ago. As you can see, its made up from the original boxed set scenery (which was pre printed card scenery with plastic corner walls and other items), the expansion pack and even a ruin from Warhammer a boxed set. Then I got some 5mm foamboard, a lot of balsa wood, more of the plastic scenery sprues and a 10litre tub of textured masonry paint and went and build the rest of the ruins myself.

Jim was a bit late arriving, and had to finalise his Warband. So Anthony & I started off a game with Jim reffing. It was amazing we had forgotten so many rules in the intervening years. As a cut down version of Warhammer from several editions ago, it still adheres to many of the older rules.

I chose my flamboyant Marienburgers to play as an antidote to all the balck and dark colours of Dark Elves and BUF that I’ve been deploying recently. Mordheim is great for picking out all the odd and random figures you have. So we often dig out figures from the Golden Age. In fact whilst my heroes were all the official Marienburger figures, the supporting warriors and marksmen were old Citadel C series fighters, and the marksmen were Foundry Picts.

WE remembered that it was always wise to keep groups of figures close by each other – one of the special rules in Mordheim means an isolated fighter often will run for it when confronted by the enemy. Also getting up into the upper storey’s of buildings is good for shooting.

Not that it helped me much, having got some Wyrdstone, I had my hero, champion and two warriors put out of action/stunned by SAnthony’s Reiklanders and so bottled it and ended the game after a mere 3 turns ! All over in less than an hour. But it was good fun and I came away with a nice set of loot.

So began the adventures of: Captain von Geld’s League of Extraordinary Adventurers and the Crimson Permanent Assurance

And Now for Something Completely Different: Mordheim

Yup we had a few games of Mordheim today:

Byakhee Anthony had expressed a desire to do some Mordheim when we went to Colours.

So In had a quick rummage and found all the scenery I’d made 10 years ago.

Byakhee Jim joined us, and we had four games….

Loads of photos, so will be editting them tonight and publishing tomorrow. 🙂