Towards the end of the year…WIP 2

I’d hoped to have posted this yesterday morning:

Great Wing, my heavily modified Manticore. Now with some mid and highlights.

The scales need a second go over with wash and a different highlight to distinguish them better from the main body. The chains and hooks need highlighting. I am also painting up some brass etched ivy and fern leaves for the base, which might be a bit ambitious for getting this model ready by the 29th…

Silver Talons & Great Wing’s rider (aka Redark the Hunter). The Silver Talons are to be the back rank of the existing unit.
The rider has four arms with magnets so I can mix and match the equipment between sword, lance (right arm), and shield or RXB (left arm).

Towards the end of the year…WIP

Finished off the first two tranches of Dark Elves. I was somewhat delayed as I was helping oversee my parents’ transition to an iMac, from their wheezing grindingly slow PC today. The sales engineer and I did enjoy finding all their archaic hardware and trying to make it work with the new h/ware from this side of the renaissance.

Anyhow – The back rank of the Ladies of Spears:

In the latest edition of WHFB, larger units are the order of the day, so having bought some plastic kits about6-8 months ago finished them off. An all female unit of spearmen. Gold shoulder pads and breast plates distinguish them from the other 40 spearmen.

I then created a new standard bearer for them, using the new standard and transfer. the painting is to wargaming standard, as most of these figures are destined for the back ranks of units, thus being hidden and removed as casualties first. So basic coat of paint, wash and simple highlights only.

In youthful (!) enthusiasm, I had made too many RXB men with the RXBs facing forward, which means they don’t rank up. So I did another 10 of them…very boring…

Just as well I have other things WIP, such as great wing. Lighting is not good, but all the base colour paint, and wash is now done. I hope to both Greatwing and his rider ready for Xmashammer (28/29th), in which I as the host may get to play.

Of Cats, Pizzas and Manticores

Yesterday the Byakhees and I held a game of WHFB, and I’m editting the pictures.

Yes the real reason In ought and flocked my battle boards was so that they could become Cat beds…

A traffic light pizza – red yellow and green. Yup an augmented pizzza with red yellow and green peppers added. As called by Rich & Gavin. Yesterday’s none to healthy sustenance.

Rich gave me a surprise present…I’d left a DE Manticore with him with a request that he did something different with it so it wasn’t the the same pose…he obviously treated this as a challenge, and came up with a Manticore leaping from a ruined HE standing stone.

Its a big beast literally as you can see – BlackJack is a (psychotic) hefty cat (and an emissary of Satan) that many dogs would be scared of. The Manticore is the DE Manticore body with HE Dragon wings and the tail of an old Citadel Great Spined Dragon. Rich said he has a load of photos of the WIP, that he had not posted for fear of me finding out this item was in progress. The rider is detachable, and has arms with magnets so I can swap the sword for a lance, the shield for an RXB etc. Neat. A very unsuspected present.

Photos of the game are to follow.

WHFB: Dark Elf Manticore II

Here it is with the rider:

Produced back for WHFB v6, when Beastmasters were a hero type for DE (a poor choice), the rider came as a multi part kit:

Holding onto the Manticore by its Mane, the Beastmaster has a long lance like weapon.

Needless to say, the weapon/arm is attached at a strategically weak point so needed pinning.

The rider also needed pinning onto the model as well. So the rider got a pin up its posterior….

This means I can remove the rider should he be killed leaving the mount on the table.
For the second model I have they will be integral.

WHFB: Dark Elf Manticore

Been a while for WHFB, but this has been on my WIP table for some time along with a few other larger models for WHFB:

This is the first of two Manticores I have ridden by Beastmasters (as per the 6th Edition WHFB Army Book):

A nice model if tricky to paint.

The photos seem to have reddish hue to the Foundry Bay Brown paint I used on the body.
The wings were painted with my usual black undercoat, Foundry Charcoal Grey highlight followed by a GW Nuln Oil wash. I note the new wash seems to have a gloss effect in the recesses….

The rider is to follow.

Though my local GW shop Manager is nearly trained to my needs, he wasn’t aware that GW did this model ! 😉