I’d got a bit bored of the Malvern Hills Conservators flags I’d done about 4 years ago, so I contacted Peter Barfield for some suggestions and he came back quickly with a new flag that reversed the colours:

Much better than the white flag that got me a lot of abuse !

here’s how I do the flags:

Laserjet print out. Pete provided me with the flag ready done so I didn’t have any double sided backing nonsense.

Musketeer (now Footsore Miniatures) LDV standard bearer with hands drilled out by Byakhee Richard. Steel pin pole by Foundry.

I use an all purpose adhesive that B&Q sell (DIall is the new brand name). It is fairly strong and sets in about 30 minutes so much faster than PVA/Wood glue.

Wrapped round the pole, its flat and boring, so with about 30 minutes to go…

…it can be warped and folded to give the impression of it billowing in the wind as the hero charges the despicable BUF/Reds/Anglicans (delete as applicable).

I twisted the corners as well to make it truely three dimensional.

But the edges are still white paper – and though you can’t see it well in these pictures Pete has added gold(ish) tassels to the flag.

So a dab of paint along the edges is in order – this is something I have seen other people not do this despite being otherwise good painters/modellers.

Anyhow, two new standard bearers with funky flags for my MHC LDV.

Thanks Pete !

PS: You’ll see that Pete’s latest illustrations for flags have been published in the latest AVBCW book by Solway Crafts.

AVBCW: A Week’s challenge

Byakhee JP and I are planning a game of AVBCW next Friday. Having had the unit of (10) shotguns on the painting table for ever and a day, plus a built Lanchester A/C, I will now use the next week to complete these figures and vehicle.

So I’m seeting myself a challenge to do these figures. They’re a mixture of Gripping Beast and Musketeer miniatures. Civilians, so will all need unique paint schemes which is probably why I’ve procrastinated over painting them for so very long !

Then there is the Lanchester (Copplestone Castings). As I intend to play the Malvern Hills Conservators, the Local Defence Volunteers, they only have A/Cs and other light vehicles save for one tank (Tanks and the Malverns don’t get on well together).

Having done loads of tanks for AQMF, I’ll be using the same schemes for painting this so I can get this on the table ASAP.

Updates of scenarios and paint progress over the next week.

I’m hoping this self imposed deadline, will also spill over into finishing off the BUF dismounted cavalry unit I also have half completed on the painting table. I’ve not done enough figure painting for AVBCW (and Warhammer) for some time…

AVBCW: Mayhem in the hills

I played three games today with Byakhee Jon, using the Brink of Battle skirmish rules. We had used these before some time last year, so we had to re-acxquaint ourselves with them, but we soon got up to speed quickly.

I generated 500 points worth of MHC to defend the hills:

JP, generated the same for the Black Shorts:

As JP does not have a full set of scenery yet (he’s working on it) I took some of mine, but managed to forget the camera (DOH!) – so all the photos are his taken using his phone.

First Game

MHC Rangers move swiftly through the difficult terrain.

The Blackshorts move up the road and take up position behind the stone walls.
That’s when the carnage started…

Due to a failure to read the rules – when my Commander Sir Johnathan Porridge was shot I pretty much lost any command skills ! So I failed the rout test and headed (literally) for the hills !

Second Game

After lunch, we re-arranged the scenery:

This time, the MHC took up good positions, and despite losing Sergeant Great early on, they took the Blackshorts on in a firefight.

It was going well until Sir Johnathan, who hadn’t learnt his lesson and moved forward replete in his red waistcoat.

And got shot…again !

Luckily for me, JP’s Blackshorts were on rout tests as well, and after three nail biting roll offs, the MHC prevailed.

One all !

Next up, the third game, and commentary on the rules.

AVBCW: A little Game at Little Marcle

On Friday Byakhee Gav H and I had a little game to try out some rules we’d been tinkering with loosely based on the newly released “Went the Day Well” rules Ook has produced and that we are bashing into shape for my Back of Beyond game.

A cut down platoon of two units plus command unit faced off against each other – MHC vs BUF.

Gav’s unsophisticated walk straight at them tactic should have spelt disaster.

But a combination of good cards for initiative…

…and good dice…

Saw him win.

A quick and simple game that tested out a few of the new rules we’d dreamt up (mostly his).

Which left time for a quick game afterwards of my BoB rules…

Stay tuned pop pickers…