WHFB: Ruins

Recently I’d noticed in the last few games that my scenery options have become a bit stale, with only about 6 or so options to roll out, so a quick rummage around in the Play Room and I found some old GW LOTR ruins that I’d put together but never painted – ideal to spice up the battlefield. (Along with more stuff to come)

There are two main sections each about 7 inches long.

They’re made out of quite thick slabs of plastic as you can see. Thought there is some warpage of the pieces, nothing too much to worry about.

So I used some spare movement tray sections as the paving to place them on.

I added some of the bricks/stones I’d bought years ago to act as the rubble along with some other offcuts. I left the main pieces separate so I could paint the internal surfaces.

I painted them up to a lighter grey to reflect the LOTR heritage, then did the usual washes of brown and green to weather them. Add on some bushes and ivy and hey presto should be done.

Second piece to come in the next few days.

Weathertop – Amon Sul terrain piece

Finally, I have finished painting the Forge World Weathertop/Amon Sul terrain piece. And in the dying light I photographed it:

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks doing the big base which is about 12 inches in diameter:

Here it is in the film:

Having done the separate pieces, I had the base to do:

So here it is from different angles:

I haven’t glued the separate pieces in, as the Byhakhees initially commented they should be separate so we could place figures in and around the piece.

The centre of the piece has faded static grass with mixed leaves as scatter…

Other than that it is washes of Devlan Mud and Thrakka Green. Or whatever their equivalents are now…

Not perfect but well on the way there.