Special Guest Superstar DJ: WHFB Lizardmen

Byakhee Stuart has provided some new Lizardmen photos of the new models he has got and painted up.

Sadly other than Top Secret projects the only paint being splashed around is by the builders. Anyway, onwards…

I have one of these thrones for my Amazon army.

Terradon stuka bomber !

Nice model.

WHFB “not” Anklyosaurus.

A not T.Rex.

Hero. Looks a complex model.

Shaman – the photo is a bit dark but certainly colourful.

And some Saurus Warriors.

WHFB: Dark Elves vs Lizardmen 2013 04 08

Another short notice game, after a particularly busy w/e. WHB 3k points.

I refused one flank:

My centre was made up of COK and COC, with a hero on Manticore (sadly not painted due to the w/e’s changed schedule):

Jim had two solid blocks of Saurus surrounded by clouds of Skink skirmishers:

May army surprised Jim, however he had a few disruptive tactics himself.
I won the dice off to go first, and then it all went horribly wrong.

Yup my COK and one of the chariots failed their stupidity tests in what became a litany of disastrous LD tests. My main block o spearmen failed an LD test, and then failed again (despite the BSB), so they headed off to the edge of the board

My chariot did get in amongst the Skinks and wipe them out, but the COK ran away from the carnosaur and Saurus unit, and kept running away.

My Manticore swooped into a Salamander and wiped it out, only for the Manticore to succumb to massed (poisoned) skink fire.

The Chaos Portal, granted the skinks WS10 I10 etc…so they got wiped out by the RXBs

The single chariot continued into the Saurus but was flank charged by the Ancient Stegadon and was destroyed, the rest of the army was by now running hither and thither and my line was totally broken.

The Skinks backed up by a Saurus on CO had charged my RXB unit, but bounced off in one of the rare glimmers of light to Jim’s dismay, but it was too little too late.


The game ended with very few casualties on either side. I’d lost a few spearmen and RXBs, the manticore and a cold one chariot. Hardly enough to break an army really. Jim has lost a Salamander, and 40 skinks, similarly not enough to really break an army. It was however a win or Jim because my army had repeatedly failed LD tests and my line was broken. I might have saved something but I would have been hemmed in and out manoeuvred so he could pick me off one by one. I think I’ll be taking a standard of discipline next time.

Jim also did not bring a single magic user and in a complete reversal of his normal tactic of dominating the magic phase, gave it over to me, and of course I’d loaded up on magic stuff to counter magic (dispel, feedback scrolls, ring of Hotek etc…200 points wasted).

More disruptive tactics to follow. 😉

WHFB: Dark Elves vs Bretonnians & Lizardmen

A short notice battle yesterday with Byakhee Jim. So short notice he had to buy the pizzas, and we didn’t know what armies we’d be playing. He brought Bretonnians and Lizardmen, and not a stone thrower in sight, however there were several salamanders and a lot of cavalry…

I deployed first, refusing one flank. My army was sort of an attack army, with the two chariots (COC) and some Cold One Knights (COK) backed up with repeat Bolt Throwers (RBTs).

And a scout order of Mengil Manhide’s (only 10).

Jim’s forces consisted of two wedges of Bretonnian Knights, some Yeomanry, backed with some Pegasus borne knights. Then there was the Toad in the Hole (Slann) with 30 Saurus guard, a Skink shamen with 30 skink guard, two Stegadons and the aforementioned Salamanders.

And a Hero on Terradon, which I took captive, put on a proper base and then did the usual basing regime ! 🙂

Here’s a load of photos (20+) ! Roughly in order for the narrative below…

The Bretonnians got down and prayed, having reacted inline with DE fluff (It’s just a pity they’re awake)and taken the option to go first last time, I decided to let them get on with it this time. I suspect there’s a ward save involved and he didn’t get it this time.

Mengil’s got two Salamanders firing at them and the Terradon and hero sniping at them. So they were cut down to 3. The sneaky Toad in the Hole got off some special Skill “Aligning the heavens”, which gave him the ability that when rolling magic any double was a Irreversible spell. He then proceeded to deploy the Comet of Cassandora right in the middle of my forces. At the same time his cavalry surged across the board towards me.

My response was pretty much the same, throw some Hydras, COK and chariots at him. However, I also had to get my Black Guard and a few other items out of the way of the incoming Comet, which snarled up my charging lines (as I tried to keep lines of sight open for the RBTs). Sure enough the comet landed at the beginning of my magic phase but I escaped with only 9 infantry casualties. The RBTs did precious little against the knights, but I did kill 4 of his knights at least.

The armies clashed, his skinks charging my COC, and the Toad in the Hole’s Saurus unit charged the 5 hapless COK who turned tail and ran as did one of the COC. Hmm, this was the second time the COC have made it into combat, and the result was a surprise for Jim. A nasty one, Byakhee Rich has mutterd that DE chariots are nasty pieces of work, and so it proved, as even though they charged, the chariot won combat (just). I think I’ll be regularly deploying these babies from now on. 🙂

The next couple of turns saw the centre of my army become disorganised due to either fleeing units, units locked in combat, or the hapless infantry being ground down. One Hydra was destroyed by flaming attacks, and we managed to work out (we thought) how Hydras and their Beastmaster handlers work in combat properly for the first time. Disappointingly Felhir Lockhurt failed to do any real damage to the knights, because of the 2+ armour save.

So the cavalry squadrons started rolling up one flank of my army, but by then I’d managed to reverse the COC chariot, and got my second Hydra into combat with the large skink unit that had been held by by the first COC.

And this combination defeated that unit and wiped it out.

By then it was 6pm, end of turn 5 and I knew I’d lost, but I’d severely mauled his forces, so called it a day.

Upsides and Downsides:


  • Dark Elf Cold One Chariots are good, armed with RXBs, T5, Save 3+ they’re mean !
  • My army list was full of mobile and dangerous troops which really kept Jim on his toes.
  • I didn’t play to type – my opponents know my army too well, but the recent additions of units has started to pay off I think.


  • Five Cold One Knights is too small a unit, I need to pull my finger out and paint another five of them !
  • The army list was not right, and the better part of 300 points of Black Guard did diddly squat, next time they’ll be replaced by either chariots or COKs.
  • I need some more tin can openers. My luck was against me when all 4 bolt throwers missed, but I need something to make up for this in the close combat area, and not just Hydras.