AVBCW: LDV Bicycle unit

Finally, some half decent light allowed me to photo the finished LDV on bicycles.

Foundry British Home Guard figures (WW2014, unavailable at the time of writing this post). They come as a two part model with the arm/handlebar separate.

So a fair amount of greenstuff was used to build them.

I used GW liquid greenstuff which seemed to work well.

I chose to flock the bases to make them look like they are on a road – I don’t think 1930’s bicycles were exactly capable of much off road capability ! I mixed black (tarmac) flock, and fine grey flock both by Jarvis scenics.

Which reminded me of Queen’s Bicycle Race…NB: the video is a bit racey…

And somehow, I don’t think that there will be many such lady cyclists featuring in any AVBCW games any time soon. 😮

AVBCW: Painting Challenge

Well hopefully it won’t have escaped some peoples’ notice my mate JP & I are hosting another one of our Big Games on the 27th September. So we’re busy gearing up to organising it, dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s.

As usual, I am providing armies for delinquents who don’t know better and haven’t got their own little toy soldiers.

A recent review of the detritus, found a load of Foundry WW2 Home Guard cyclists.As one of the things JP & I are pushing in our latest game is the lack of fuel and ammo, bicycles are an ideal anitdote to lots of tanks and armoured cars.

As you can see, there’s a fair bit of greenstuff to make the arms meld in with the bodies, otherwise excellent models, so I planned to have a new unit of them to deploy on the battlefield – in accordance with my plan to get a new unit on the board with every single game I play !

In addition, my review found a number of other units to put together…

Luckily, Byakhee Richard is one of them so as Chief Engineer for many of the larger more complex items I build, he has been busy building new armoured vehicles for me. These (Musketeer) Lancia Armoured Trucks were used in the 1920’s not least in the Irish Civil War.

There was a fair amount oif blue language used whilst Richard built this Austin Morris A/C, however the outcome is very good with an excellent crew including one of Paul Hicks’ tank commanders – a bren gun, BOYS anti tank rifle and smoke bombs and this makes an excellent addition to the mechanised arm of the MHC.

Richard did however send me his list of mobile BUF….including a request for more cavalry, and even dismounted cavalry.

Good job I have some on the painting table. Again Musketeer BUF…

Looks like I’ll be busy over the next couple of weeks painting this lot up in time for the ganme.

Good job I almost finished the command group for the socialists for Mike then isn’t it ? 😉