AVBCW: Characters & Scenery

Here are some characters:

Two Copplestone Castings Big Game Hunters with Elephant guns, very useful for shooting Lions and Armoured Cars in Deepest Darkest Hereford. Military Padre by Warlord games.

Craters – I have yet to see a rules set to come up with some rules for how the repeated shelling of a target carves up the landscape and makes it more difficult terrain.

Sandbags and barricades. Nice and simple, barricades by Hovels, sand bag emplacement resin unknown manufacturer.

Rubbish light levels and a pending and social commitments mean no updates til Sunday, when I should have an AAR as well as photos of the AVBCW workers militia unit I have painted this week. 🙂

BoB: Encounter at Tryitoutskigrog

Our second game of the day, Gav and I played using the test rules using some of my BoB troops.

I was worried I didn’t have enough Bolsheviks for him, but it turned out I have painted 40-50 of them years ago and forgotten all about them !

Again Gav set up in a straight at ’em linear fashion which, as it happens the scenery favoured. This is something that will be changed in futurer, and I am at work on some Renadra fencing to go around some of these cottages.

His forst shot onto my artillery resulted in a complete wipe out my artillery crew. A brutal, but effective set of rules there !

His troops took up positions in two burnt out cottages, and so I had to try and move ky troops round them.

In the meantime, his Bolsheviks, sacked the church,my Shock troopers hurled grenades to no eect, and I generally lost !

Still first test of the rules and they had some merit – long way to go.

The scenery is coming along. The game mat looks more brown/blecahed than it really is. I have another three to enable me to dress a table 16×8 (actually 16×6 on the boards) for the BoB game in late June.

Louis caught a few more pictures here.

A Godevlan’d Mud Emergency… Or Washes Then and Now

I reached for some Devlan Mud wash when painting some barricades today, and found there was none left in the paint racks. Ok, time to break out another from the stasth. Shock ! Horror ! There was none. Now I’d done a stock take earlier this year and back in March I had about 6 bottles of the stuff plus the one on the go…it seems I have gone through all 6+ of them.

Ok, what’s this I mused ? A bottle of Citadel Brown Ink back from the dim and distant past, let’s use that. Hmm, within seconds of applying it to the boxes in the barricade section I was painting I realsied the difference between the washes back then, and now.

Realising that virtually every figure I have on the table requires a brown wash at some point between now and Sunday (when I normally go shopping and can get to GW), I realised I had to do an EMERGENCY paint run as I can’t waste 4 days not painting anything to completion. A startled GW Manager had to do a double check and exclaimed:

It’s Wednesday not Sunday !

Three bottles of Agrax Earthshade (the replacement for Devlan Mud wash) later he had recovered his poise…
On returning home I broke open the first of the new Agrax wash and applied it.

The box on the right was done with the old Brown Ink. Despite a vigorous shake, the ink was much more dense and cloudy than the Agrax wash which I used on the left hand boxes. I even had to remove some with a tissue the old Brown Ink was so thick.
(The barricade is a resin piece by Hovels, ideal for BoB and AVBCW)

I dug out some of my other old brown washes (the original brown wash, and then Chestnut Ink) and the coverage was similarly not as good as the current washes (either devlan Mud, or now Agrax Earthshade).

Now I haven’t had the chance to use much of the latest Citadel range, but I have a feeling that this experience will be replicated. So it seems that the last 15-20 years has seen a great improvemnt in the technology and ofrmulation of paints and paint techniques.

Shame its going to take a long time to confirm this as I have rather a lot of paint to get through.