Scenery: Super-Kallistra-fragalocious Hills

The King got some hills for his b’day, a bit late due to issues. I’d previously bought some escarpments from Kallistra at Colours year before last and knew they did plain hills as well.

Kallistra mostly do hex terrain pieces as part of their game system, but they do some non hex terrain pieces as well.

They come in fairly hard plastic pieces and are quite large. As they are plain, you can do them up in your chosen lock and grass style.

I worked out that I need to do about 15 or so hills, split between BoB and AVBCW styles for the Big Games JP & I are putting on in february and March next year.

They got painted in my basic biscuit base colour that also helped ensure any release oils/greases were covered up.

For the BoB flock, I used a lot of the builders sand I bought year before last to bulk out the GW sand and railway flocks I had mixed up.

because of the surface area, the sand seemed to soak up the moisture and contract leaving rivulets of unflocked glue, so I had to pour on excess flock and just leave it there for an hour or so so that the surface was fully flocked.

When dry, I sprayed the flocked hills with hairspray to ensure the flock stayed in situ.

We are currently getting take-outs from a curry house that serves jup its dishes in handy plastic tubs, I went through half such a tub pictured above for these three hills.

And then half a tub of GW “Grass” static grass -so be warned these items will take a lot of material, but look good in the end. they’re being varnished currently to ensure the flock and static grass stays put.

I then did an experiment, coating the inside of the hills with PVA.

Why ?

The large hill even though its a fairly hard piece of plastic gets a bit wobbly because of its sheer size, so I’m waiting for the PVA to cure to see if this helps stranghten it.

More hills have been ordered for AVBCW flocking.