AVBCW: Royalist, But…

With the ongoing hassle of the utility/kitchen debacle, my neighbour invited me round for dinner last week. On her coffee table was a pile of books, one of which was entitled “Royalist, But…” so whilst she was preparing the meal I had a quick look at it.

Its a history of Herefordshire during the English Civil War. Reading the blurb on the back and some random pages within, I thought this was an excellent book for researching ideas for AVBCW in Hereford. My neighbour found me engrossed in the book and we had a chat – turns out the author lives just up the road from us and is a friend of hers.

So she arranged for a meal on Saturday (hence cutting short my gaming session), so that the author and I could meet up and have a chat about local history.

Whilst he forgot to bring a copy of his book, we had a good chat, and I’ve spent today reading my neighbour’s copy which has given me lots and lots of ideas for scenarios, factions and personalities.

And then he turned up today with a copy of the book, and signed it for me.

I think the Hereford Clubmen will be yet another new faction I’ll be playing. This is one of the joys of AVBCW, doing the historical research.