AVBCW: Big Game Hereford 27th September 2014

Byakhee JP & I are planning our next Big Game, provisionally 27th September. So if you’re interested send me a post a comment and I’ll get back to you.

JP has posted the basic details on his blog.

As you will read, its about the Golden Valley Railway, so yet more railway induced madness. The initial plan is for two tables.

The first is the very obvious fight over a railway station.

I bought the Sarrisa Wild West station, ostensibly for the BoB game, but it didn’t arrive until the preceeding Friday lunchtime, and with all the other stuff needing to be done I decided not to try building it in a hurry. Having jogged my memory, I’ve just taken a look at it, and my decision was spot on. It’s not terribly complicated but it is going to be a bugger to put together. It’s a nice generic wooden railway station, which a few appropriate British railway signs will fit the bill for what we need.

The second table will be a more generic table with forces fighting for the railway line. Roo has volunteered to do a special bit of terrain for us – and this time with more time to do so he’s hoping to get the soil colour right. đŸ˜‰

AVBCW: A Royal Mitre Exchange 1

Fourteen gamers, three tables, and a shed load of troops. Yes, JP & I staged another Big Game following on from the Battle of Foy.

We had set up Table 1 (last post), we set up Table 2 on the day once Roo had delivered the wholly unexpected railway embankment sections which proved a real psychological barrier. Yours truely had to stand in for Roo in the morning due to Roo’s daughter’s Willy Wonka party so for once I actually got to “play”.

Table 3 was set up late as well once Byakhee Richard arrived with his gaming mat, and was set up as generic Herefordian countryside albeit with a defensive line for Sir Gilbert and the Anglican League.

Three tables all 8×6′. The hall just about had enough room, and tables to cope with this.

Leadboy, one of our newcomers set up on Table 2. At first no one twigged about the numerous post boxes, unmarked vans and bafrrellas littering the table, but it soon became apparent the dastardly Socilaists were planning to wreck the planned hand over of the captive Bishop of Hereford to the Anglican League. As you can see in the photo, the unmarked blue van was dangerously close to his forces and took a lot of effort to eradicate !

Mort’s Anglicans were well dug in.

The BUF under Baron Foy delpoy along with their Royalist allies.

All on Table 2.

Whilst on Table 1, the Royalist column moves in to deliver the Bishop as part of the deal.

On Table 3, the BUF deploy and move in to deliver Sir Gilberts a stern warning !

To be Continued…..

AVBCW: Royalist, But…

With the ongoing hassle of the utility/kitchen debacle, my neighbour invited me round for dinner last week. On her coffee table was a pile of books, one of which was entitled “Royalist, But…” so whilst she was preparing the meal I had a quick look at it.

Its a history of Herefordshire during the English Civil War. Reading the blurb on the back and some random pages within, I thought this was an excellent book for researching ideas for AVBCW in Hereford. My neighbour found me engrossed in the book and we had a chat – turns out the author lives just up the road from us and is a friend of hers.

So she arranged for a meal on Saturday (hence cutting short my gaming session), so that the author and I could meet up and have a chat about local history.

Whilst he forgot to bring a copy of his book, we had a good chat, and I’ve spent today reading my neighbour’s copy which has given me lots and lots of ideas for scenarios, factions and personalities.

And then he turned up today with a copy of the book, and signed it for me.

I think the Hereford Clubmen will be yet another new faction I’ll be playing. This is one of the joys of AVBCW, doing the historical research.

AVBCW: A chance find, and a status update for Herefordshire….


Just a quick posting, when I Hit the Bright Lights of the Big City, I visited Hellfrauds, and next to it was a new(ish) Hobby Craft store which I decided to have a wander round.

Its one of those stores that you’ll find something in that you didn’t know you wanted. In my case, wandering down the aisle with the dolls house’s accesories (as you do), I found a roll of printed paper that looked ideal for paving slabs for AVBCW (or even BoB or any other C20 conflict). Here’s a slice of it:

It’s actually described as slate tiling, though no roof slates were ever arranged in that pattern in my experience ! They’re just about the right size as well for 254/28mm figures: 1cm x 1.5cm which equates roughly to a 2’x 3′ paving slab which is common enough in old Blighty – I have a couple round the side of the garage for projects in the garden.

I’d been scratching my head on how to produce some pavements for AVBCW scenery, the OO/HO scale is too small, and too expensive. So at a price of £2.99 this roll of paper is ideal.

It is available from: The Dolls House Emporium. I suspect there are more scenery gems to be found from this manufacturer !

It’ll need a bit of weatehring, but looks to be a cheap and ideal option to create some pavements for AVBCW.

Hereford 1938

JP has updated his blog with events in Herefordshire. He generally covers western, central and southern areas of the county whereas I am more focused on the east and the Malverns (which technically is in Worcestershire).

This is a key issue with AVBCW: the players (gentlemen) are the ones driving the narrative in their own localities. So JP, myself and others are free to make up stuff and map out our own campaigns with out own quirky ideas.

We’re also gearing up for a game with four of us to extend our narrative towards the borders with north Worcestershire and Shropshire.