Lots of WIP here in the Dark Tower of Carcosa, and also on Byakhee Stuart’s desk:

Okay, here’s a couple of shots of my WIP hierotitan/ bone colossus. Shown in fighty colossus mode but there will be an alternative set of magnetised hands clutching the scales and staff of Usirian so I can channel the winds of magic as well as stomp over anything that moves.

I asked him if the white plastic pieces on the legs were Lego:

No. Modified Tomg Guard shields with plasticard extensions on the either side so they looked like greaves and not a footballer’s shin pads. The rivets are just thin slices of plastic tube in an attempt to match in with the standard TK shields.

And updated with more ‘dangly’ things as he described them…

The Byakhees and I like liquid greenstuff, and Stuart commented:

Yeah, that’s pretty useful too. Might use some on the hierotitan to help fill in all the gaps. There shouldn’t been any day light showing – he’s carved from onyx and inlaid with gold and lapis lazuli…..not plastic