BoB: Garford-Putilov Armoured Car

The Garford Putilov was a home grown Russian armoured car developed in WW1. Quite a bizarre beast, it had forward mounted MGs, and a turret sporting another MG and a cannon on the reare of the vehicle !

Kit by Copplestone Castings. The camouflage pattern is one the Soviets officially adopted from 1925.

Pinned by Byakhee Rich Pinning Services, with a magnet so the turret can be revolved. Transfer decals are by Brigade/Company B.

It ended up being used by several armies in the fall out of WW1, and he RCW including the German Baltic Freikorps.

I find it funny the differece in size of these Germans, look at the ones on the left !

This waspainted for my recent BoB Big Game and I didn’t have time to photograph it (I finished it at about 9pm the previous night. In game terms it waas restricted to the road,reflecting its lack of off-road capability.

The Tank park expands

Taking advantage of a recent discount offer from one of my favourite sculptors, I bought some more tanks along with JP:

The “delay”, was a mere 5 days between placing the order and it arriving !
That’s a quality service, as usual from Copplestone Castings.

Now as it happened, I was out when the package was delivered (and signed for as per tacit agreement with my regular postie – this is a Local Postal Service, for Local People, we’ll have no trouble here).

And I was out collecting some of my BoB vehicles from Bennett Pinning Services (C)(TM). In this case some Austin-Putilov Armoured Cars by Sloppy Jalopy which generated a few swear words but when finished look excellent. And a Copplestone Garford-Putilov armoured car that the Bolsheviks used a lot.

Finally some FT17’s that arrived in the Crimea and Odessa regions thanks to the French and their Greek allies. A few more arrived in Siberia as knock off copies by the Americans and were promptly diverted by Red sympathisers to the Bolshevik partisans. FT-17s by Brigade Games.

Two with titchy cannon, and one with a Hotchkiss HMG.

Turrets have magnets so they revolve, and as you can see Bennett Pinning Services provide comfy foam trays as well. 😉

Maybe I’ll change my title to Director of Marketing, Bennett Pinning Services… 😉

In the meantime, I have painted and based 200 inches of fencing and have a number of new units ready for photoing so stand by…I guessed people wouldn’t be enthralled by lots of fences…