WHFB: Morr scenery, walls and fences

The fanciest masouleum from the Garden of Morr set:

Again, the structure comes separate to the abse, so would be excellent for a Mordheim scenario…if you’re into grave robbing.

I’ll get all the pieces of this set together and take a piccie tomorrow hopefully.

Also amongst the pieces of scenery I found some…

…walls and fences, probably came wit the WHFB buildings set that I have decided to keep and am part way through painting. Nothing too exciting, but another set of tiems knocked off of the “To-Do” list. Or were they, just another brick in the wall ?

Or is it just my reaction to the rumours of WHFB v9, and because I’m busy painting Bolshevik Cavalry ????

WHFB: Garden of More Morr !

The rest of the Garden of Morr set, bar one last item:

The main gate. The red roses were a last minute quick fix, Foundry Scarlett washed with the latest crimson GW wash. (I have given up trying to remember their new names!)

The wrought iron gates have a skull motif in them…

the fences – front and back. You get two identical sections in the set. This is the only point where I have seen mould marks – see the back of the pillars for the small round indentations.

The walls, not sure on building regs WRT skullz, as they aren’t the sturdiest of materials, but it reminds people that the whole place is a ossiary.

The side gate.

i’d started painting these up before Xmas, in preparation for Xmashammer 2015 – Sigmar’s Blood, which Byakhee Jim wanted to play out over the two days. For various reasons that didn’t come about, but as they were half done, I decided to continue and finish off the pieces of this set. Days of bad lighting have prevented me from photoing it, and now barely an hour later the light has again turned for the worse. Very frustrating.

More (!) fittingly, here’s the Sisters of Mercy….

WHFB: Garden of Morr mausoleums

Another couple of pieces I knocked out during the “festive” season.

Again, from the Garden of Morr set.

Lots of Skullz(!). More to follow once highlighted. These two items got used for the last game yesterday. A third was ready for the table, but needs a bit more work before I am happy with it.

Inanimate Statues, and rather more animated language

In preparation for a now aborted Xmashammer set of scenarios, I dug out and started painting my WHFB Garden of Morr scenery set.

Starting with the centre piece – the statue of Morr (God of the underworld in WHFB).

I decided to make the statue black to emphasise it and make it stand out amongst the greys of the rest of the set which is coming along nicely and should be up on the site before the end of the week (promises, promises).

I then decided to pack away stuff from Monday evening, and picked up a case of troops on the kitchen worktop…

Unfortunately it all fell apart. One of the hinges for the lid had been broken for some time, the other had obviously given out and as you can see it exploded everywhere, amidst much animated and uncouth language.

I’ve seen several torsos and arms floating around, and have to go back and tidy it all up after posting this. Great fun, where’s the glue ?