WHFB: Dark Elf Heroes WIP

As well as various tanks under the lick of the brush, my Characters on Cold Ones have seen some progress:

DE Characters on Cold Ones 1

They’re at the stage of dry brushing the highlights. However in the current heat, the paint is drying too quickly and rapidly cogging up the brush so I had stopped, not wanting to ruin them.

DE Characters on Cold Ones 2

Then today, I went round to Byakhee Rich’s Pinning service, and he showed me his solution, or rather one I’d heard about but never tried. Wet pallette painting. I’ll be trying it out later today, with his home brewed version (and my knock off copy).

Witch King & Raging Heroes character

Whilst at Rich’s, I picked up some stuff that he had pinned previously. The Witch King, and a Raging Heroes character. I’d opted for the pointing arm rather than the sword, as there is insufficient room in a DE chariot.

DE Character by Raging Heroes

The arms of both needed pinning, and the cloak of Malekith’s. In addition, I wanted to be able to swap heroes in and out of the chariot, so the feet needed magnets.

Rich had earlier commented via e-mail:

Got bored and pinned some Dark Elves. Very pleased with how the Raging Heroes lassie went onto the chariot – the mini is so well balanced that you can stand her up without the magnets.

And indeed she does… now to add her and the chariot to the ‘to do’ list.

Special Guest Superstar DJ: Tomb Kings

Byakhee Stuart has been busy following the update of the Tomb Kings, and has some more dusty undead remains for us. In particular I like the names something the rest of us are increasingly doing.

First up is Gammineses the Tomb Herald, this model was assembled from spare Tomb Guard bits and the banner from a warsphinx kit. The scenic head is from Scibor Miniatures and helps to give the model a presence that will hopefully distract people enough to shoot at him rather than my hierophant who will be hiding at the back in typical craven style.

Second is Inablumun the liche priest. He’s one of a little cabal I have. His name relates to the likelihood of actually getting any incantations off successfully!. The conversion is a very simple head swap on the tomb king model that comes with the warsphinx and the flaming skull hand is from the Empire plastic wizards set (one of the more useful kits out there in my opinion). I still haven’t mastered the art of source lighting, I really wanted to make him glow but practice makes perfect I’ll get there one day.

Third is my take on Arkhan the Black. A very simple conversion of the plastic necromancer model, which in itself, superb. This model happily carries all the right kit for Arkhan, namely the book and staff from his master Nagash – if indeed Arkhan HAS a master, he seems very much his own man. An untrustworthy outcast – I like that. The black colour scheme is predictable but given that my tomb kings army colour scheme is a distressed crimson and cream colour I wanted a neutral colour scheme that would both identify him as an individual but still tie in with the rest of the collection.

Ptramun Ra, High Liche Priest and usually the army’s hierophant. This is a straight build, nothing clever, it does what it says on those worn hieroglyphics….Again I tried to give the impression of magical energy pouring fourth , hence the glowing eyes and mouth. I dunno, I had a go that’s all I can say.

Nwunsesim, Liche Piest. This mini is from Reaper and he’s another character that forms part of the liche priest cabal I have. He’s yet to be used in anger, hence the name.

And some background:

‘and so it was at the Battle of the Silver Dunes that High King Miximtoes IV The Ever Fragrant, blessed be his name, smote his foul enemies and defeated the eternally cursed Lord Ahn’ kar, despised servant of the thrice cursed Nagash may Ptra burn his eyes. At the rising of Ptra he did look upon the shattered but victorious warriors of the Jabalah Legion who, in an act of selfless devotion to their Lord, had valiantly charged out from their defensive line into the melee to protect their King after his chariot had been destroyed by foul magiks. A great many of the Jabalah legion had fallen but greater still was the toll of the Undead who lay in stinking mountains around them and the white shields of the Jabalah were stained a deep red by the foetid lifeblood of the slain. On seeing this their Lord decreed that from that moment on their Legion would simply be known as the Red Shields and allowed to paint the hides of their shields in the colour of the blood of their enemies. Such was their Lord’s gratitude that he did spare the life of the Legion’s impetuous commander, Ah-Mabakisor, who by charging from the battle line had disobeyed orders, His mercy was great however and sentence was commuted to 100 lashes’

More to follow – in between more of my own stuff and Rich’s latest ! 🙂