WHFB: Dark Elf Manticore

Been a while for WHFB, but this has been on my WIP table for some time along with a few other larger models for WHFB:

This is the first of two Manticores I have ridden by Beastmasters (as per the 6th Edition WHFB Army Book):

A nice model if tricky to paint.

The photos seem to have reddish hue to the Foundry Bay Brown paint I used on the body.
The wings were painted with my usual black undercoat, Foundry Charcoal Grey highlight followed by a GW Nuln Oil wash. I note the new wash seems to have a gloss effect in the recesses….

The rider is to follow.

Though my local GW shop Manager is nearly trained to my needs, he wasn’t aware that GW did this model ! 😉

WHFB: Ogres

Well here are some I did earlier:

A nice lump of lard.

Oh here is the champion.

I did a mane of greenstuff to look like fur to bulk him out and make him different to the rest of the troops.

Along with the standard bearer.

And from the back.

These are for sale.