Burger !

Painting curtailed due to early arrival of BBQ guest. I had spent the morning at my local butchers, investing in some heart stoppingly large burgers that they do…

That’s not a knife Burger…
This is a knife Burger !

Yup about an inch thick.

But size isn’t everything but when BBQ’d this burger, did not shrink, did not shed much fat onto the BBQ, and did not become dry and dessicated…

Organic, local beef and onions, all raised within 10 miles of the City of Carcosa (probably within two miles as the Butcher’s family own one of the local farms). Complete with plastic processed cheese slice ! 😉

Reminds me of an old Frankie Goes to Hollywood B-side….Don’t lose what’s left of your Little Mind

I am The Count, this is my song.
A coffee, a burger, you cant go wrong.

Rock me Daddio.
Rock it.

I am The Count and I love to wear silk stockings on my head.

Sing it my pretty sing.

Hip hop, be bop,

I am The Count, this is my song.
A coffee, a burger, just sing along.

Rock it.

Take it to the bridge, take it up, up, up, up.


Our chance living in the mystical powers.
Instead I am here alone, a bird in a cage.
I will spread my wings and head home.


Sock it to me baby.

Burger, burger,

One coffee, two burgers, three ham and cheese burgers,
and one chicken sandwich.
Poor on the mayo, pass me the relish.
Some more onion rings