WHFB: Cold Ones

For the Storm of Magic game Monday before last, I fielded a pack of 5 Cold Ones with a binding scroll. As such I had acquired the Finecast? Cold Ones that I also used for the Chariots. These are the only Finecast? figures I have bought to date. The first tranche I bought had a lot of problems with them and certainly weren’t up to the quality of the plastic and metal models. GW/Citadel have obviously improved their processes over the last year or so and the latest batch are a lot better. The material does show a lot of detail which is good.

these riderless Cold Ones come as a kit with three parts, the right fore and hind legs being separate. I suspect they have two moulds as some of the models go together perfectly and others have problems.

Ultimately they all work after a dab of liquid greenstuff and a paint job. The material to my mind still does seem very dry and soaks up paint quickly even after undercoating.

Their first outing was ok – they did the trick of pulling my opponents forces out of line, but ultimately charging 5 Cold Ones even when they are frenzied into 25 Orcs is not a recipe for success.

Good job I’ve got another 5 of them built, undercoated and nearly painted then isn’t it ? 😉