WHFB: Dark Elves, Dwarves, Empire & Goblins

Last w/e’s game:

Dwarves & Empire, against dark Elves & Goblins. I had lots of Fast Cavalry for my Dark Elves, to offset the two hordes of goblins Gav brought.

So my second unit of Warlocks got their next outing.

Against a gun line of lots of organ guns and hell blasters…not so good…

The Vanguard move saw me move 35 cavalry forward.

Looks good.

Only for the stunties and the runties winning first go and promptly blowing the fast cavalry apart…only 3 lost per unit …

And I failed both leadership tests, so they were all running away in the first turn !!!

But at least the centre advanced.

With a CoK Chariot being magically moved forward by the Gobbho Shamans !

So far so good…

Plus a charge into the skirmishers with the Warlocks.

WHFB: Snatching Defeat from the jaws of victory

W/e before last Byakhee Rich and I had a game. Empire vs Dark Elves:

I had a strong left hand cavalry wing with the Warlocks in there, their third (?) outing as I stil am assessing them as a combat/cavalry/magic unit.

Rich confessed to mucking up his deployment, as I distracted him with Eric and the Cold One Knights, and he deplpyed his artillery and knights on his left flank against them, which caused him pain to re-roganise once he’d seen what I was up to.

But this still left his rather impressive two infantry units facing me in the centre.

First I got the Vanguard move for the Fast Cavalry (10 Warlocks, 10 Dark Riders), then I won initiative and went first and was pouncing on his poorly defended right flank.

Stupidly, I did not move up the centre of my army to support them.

WHY ?????

Because I thought I’d wait to see how he re-arranged his army. Pathetic, I should know better, I should have moved them up immediately. I really should learn from Belkar Bitterleaf, and know that throwing an angry housecat in the opponents face is the best way tio solve things.

This resulted in me wiping out his skirmishers (at a price of most of my Dark Riders), and then following them up along with my army general on Manticore into one of his large units. As you can see in the back ground, the Silver Talons (c30 Spearmen) are a long way away – at least two turns).

Still I hoped that the General and Manticore would cause significant casualties.

Nope, the dice were as against me as they were against Rich.

Rich starts to re-arrange his army in the meantime.

Whilst both our knights faced off against each other. However, Richard managed a few shots onto Eric, so after two turns I blinked and moved Eric forward with the CoK suffering from stupidity stuck where they were. Typical.

Despite not winning by a convincing margin, my general stayed in combat, and then Rich failed his LD test when I did win combat the second round. Both of us were hurling Augment and Hex spells into this fray, as you can see by the caspell cards we slipped under the models’ bases. (our one concession to on table clutter).

Mt RXBs whittled down an Empire detachment to one Wizardess and one archer. Much school boy humour about the wizardess holding her globes !

The Manticore got killed, the general was defeated.

The Silver Talons after dithering and being whittled down by organ gun fire, closed in and defeated the halberdiers.

But too late to rescue the general who failed his LD test, ran and was cut down by the Empire Halberdiers.

Eric pranced forward, before being cut down by the Empire Cannons. The hippygriff knights got bored and moved across the front of my army to engage the Silver Talons.

The Warlocks got this Empire contraption (chariot) in the face, and whilst good were no match for it. I think they’d be good against infantry.

So, because I’d idled for one round, Rich was now in a better position than me. Conclusion to follow.

WHFB: 2014 02 01 Battle – Empire & Dwarves vs Orcs & Dark Elves – Part 2

We took a break at 7pm to get the takeaway curry in (thanks Gav !).

Whilst Gav was out, I manned his bolt throwers and ironically rolled more casualties in that turn than he had in the game. Mind you…

RXB unit hold the Hippygriffs for another round ! Before succumbing…
The Dwarf miners also were a threat.

The Dark Riders and Warlocks are loose in the back behind the Empire line and bearing down on the Dwarves.
Meanwhile the surviving hippygriffs turned round and massacred the Shades. The Dwarf Miners then moved in to chew up the Orc bolt thrower crews.

The Dark Riders take on the White Wolves. This was going to be a defeat for me, but the Dark Riders had nothing else to do other than tie up a big unit of Empire Cavalry for another round and inflict a couple of casualties. Inevitably, they were defeated and ran off the board…

Harboth’s Black Mountain Boys, joined by the Shaman on Wyvern hold the line against the Reiksguard and second unit of Hippygriffs, to be joined with a flank attack by the CoK unit ! The CoK destroyed the hippygriff unit but were left in limbo, so did an abrupt about turn to face the White Wolves.

CoK vs White Wolves.

The White Wolves blink and go the other way.

The Harpies take on the Grudge Thrower, they are eventually driven off but silence the machine for a couple of rounds.

The Empire Wizard causes a calamitous detonation wiping out 17 Hammerers, just as the CoK unit appear before them….

The game finished just before 9pm. We agreed it was a draw. The Empire and Orc armies had wiped each other out, leaving the Dwarves and Dark Elves on the table. Neither of these were in a winning position. A good time was had by all.

WHFB: Throw it on the table II

So continuing the game, I dealt with the Wolf Riders which allowed a unit of 30 Spearmen to move towards the Orcs on my right hand flank.

They would have the support of the Dark Riders and a mounted Sorceress.

The Corsairs got a narrow escape from the Empire steam tank, as both they and the tank steamed into the centre of the battlefield.

Hmm, now where do I place this mighty large template over this mighty large unit of Black Orcs ?

The left flank got wiped out by a unit of demi-gryph knights – 10 RXBs, and as you can see the hapless RBT crew.

Back on my right flank, the spearmen and Dark Riders clashed with another unit of demi-gryph knights…these guys are surprisingly tough as they come packing a lot of armour.

In the centre of the table, the Black Orcs (Eeza Ugezod’s) pushed forward and were met with the new Cauldron of Blood and new swordsmen. The Black Orcs won as they were simply better and outnumbered the swordsmen thus breaking my centre.

On my right flank things went better, seeing off the demi-gryph knights.

Overall it was not good.

Bolt throwers had killed my Dreadlord atop the Manticore, but that didn’t stop the Manticore, who swooped in to deal with a unit of Orc arrer boyz, but didn’t kill them all, and due to the Orc General’s presence behind them didn’t even make them break !
(NB: note the difference in size…the Orc General is mounted on the 1984 Tony Ackland Manticore…such is scale creep!)

And ironically, the sole remaining Orc was painted by me as a present to Gav !

Executioners, execute the Orc bolt thrower crew having come off worse in shooting and magic rounds.

But the centre cannot hold…

The Black Guard shore up the left flank seeing off the second unit of demi-gryphs.

But even having turned the right flank, shored up the left, there was no way I had to break the centre held by the Black Orcs and the massed Empire ranks.

Foiled again !

WHFB: 2013 08 17: Dark Elves vs Empire

Byakhee Rich and I had a game of WHFB today…3k…points…:

And the other end:

His gun line:

My Shades got in on the flank of the artillery line:

I took out a cannon but Rich’s artillery dice took out more.

A crooked attack line.

The two blocks attacked each other – the Empire won – just !

But they didn ‘t win easy – 10- RXBowmen made 6 knights bounce off them !

And the Silver Talon leader Samartik and only 5 spearmen fought off 50 Empire spearmen.

But it was only a matter of time. As usual the assassin came armed with as rubber swords.

The Empire prevailed at a great cost.
I had failed to get my Cold One Knights into combat which is where I failed. The War Hydra has got in and torn uP a lot of troops and 5 WOUNDS off the steam tank – not enough it seems.
Never mind…

WHFB: Lots of quick games tournament style – Part 3

Dark Elves vs Bretonnians

Ok, having seen my CoK trash the Ogres I started out positively against the three columns of Bretonnian k-nigits, especially as I managed to whittle one unit down from 9 to 6 during magic and shooting phase.

Then a rock from the trbuchet landed on the Silver Talons, and wiped out 13 of 20…errmm….and ten the CoK got charged in the flank by a k-nigit on Pegasus, and then a column of k-nigits head on.

You may note the gap to the right of the CoK, because that’s where the Silver Talons were, before they had been massacred by another column of k-nigits who pursued them off the table taking my main combat hero and Level3 High Sorceress with them.

Gamne over – 5 Harpies, 5 Dark Riders and 10 RXBs and a Level1 Sorceress are not going to stop the remaining k-nigits and pegasi borne heroes…

Short and not very sweet for me.

Empire vs Ogres

Scott and Neil squared off against each other. To be fair to Scott, he was playing with a fairly unknown (to him) army that Rich had been kind enough to build and loan him.

So he charged straight into the (Great) maw of his opponent…

Head top head combat ensued.

The Ogres won out, especially when the swordsmen ran away from the Leadbelchers.

Empire vs Bretonnians

The penultimate game of the day.

Scott again deployed his Empire troops – this time not blocking LOS of his X-bows. 😉

Again the three Bretonnian juggernauts surged forward.

Crashing into the Empire flagellants…

Whilst on the far flank Luthor Hess charged and pulped a Bretonnian hero on Pegasus…I took the photo even before combat was initiated as I knew the likely outcome…

The Bretonnians finally defeated the swordsman who had joined combat and ground the flagellants down.

As Scott noted his lesson:

Don’t join the flagellants with other units in combat ! The flagellants don’t mind dying in droves as they are frenzied and steadfast, the other units will run for it because of the high body count affecting combat resolution.

Jim’s k-nigits also saw of the Empire knights and with the majority of the hard units running for it Scott threw in the towel as I had done.

Final part tomorrow – Ogres vs Empire

WHFB: Lots of quick games tournament style – Part 2

Empire vs Bretonnians

Jim brought a mass of k-nigits in three columns to take on Rich’s Empire army that was built around a mass of Halberdiers.

There were also pegasi, and Rich came packing a hell blaster and a cannon.

Though from overhead screams of woe, I think there was a lot of missfires rolled.
The forces clashed in the middle of the table in a swirling melee.

Though the Empire archers ran away and hid.

The melee culminated with the Halberdiers getting into the thick of it.

A victory for the Brettonian knights