Colours 2013 – EM-4 Farm

What was in the box ?

The EM-4 prepainted farm ! I’d arranged to pick this up in a pre-show order. I was surprised at how big and heavy it was so it got carted off to the car straight away, no way was I carrying it round the show.

I eagerly tore the box open on getting home. This is the farm building with small barn. It came in a separate box with moulded expanded polystyrene packing and in which I will probably keep it.

The doors open/shut, the roofs are removable, and even have detail on the underside of the overhang.

The Gatehouse and wall section. As you can see the bricks are all individually picked out and the paint work is superb. All the pieces are made out of solid resin.

The farm cottage, the smallest of the buildings, and still a good size.

Best of all, the buildings have black felt on the undersides so they won’t be slipping or sliding around tables, nor scratching them. A nice little innovation.

The big barn, the steel ruler is a foot long.

The big barn compared to BlackJack, who is a big cat

The other side, with outshot.

The complete farm set from above. Well over a foot square and a centre piece for any gaming board. As all the buildings are separate, it can be used for smaller boardsd, as well as big boards and or skirmish games.

It’s absolutely worth every single penny I spent on it. I would be seriously put to try and scratch build the equivalent for the same price (excluding my own time/cost).