WHFB: Xmashammer 2013 – 3 – Day Two

Byakhee Roo, couldn’t make the second day so I stepped in the hustle his remaining beastmen toward the stunties.

The beastmen were jumbled up and constrained in a narrow space. This proved rather important as rather than hitting the enemy with all the units all at the same time, they were fed in piecemeal.

In the middle of the field, the two main Orc regiments were engaged in combat with the stunties.

But their flank was crumbling.

Yup, nearly 40 Rangererers in your face !

The dwarves saw off the orc General, and killed all but the Ogre champion who was locked in a challenge…for the next two turns…holding up the entire unit !

Having defeated Harboth’s, the Dwarf general and his Hammererersers surged forward.

We opted to give the Orcs an additional 500 points of troops (Fyrd, Night Goblins and a stone thrower), and 1000 points to the Dwarves as a stand alone Slayer army from the Storm of Chaos book.

The Black Orcs held out though.

Chaos Trolls waded into the Long Drong Pirate Slayers.

The Dwarf Miners having defeated and run down the Gor Ambushers, then got attached by the Centigors who had finally destroyed the Gyrocopter.

The Chaos Hounds attacked the organ gun, whose crew fought them off !

The Giant pinned the pirate slayers with a flank attack, allowing the Minotaurs to steam in once the Chaos Trolls had been defeated.

The Night Goblins released their fanatics into the Dwarf Longbeards with predictable results, before the Ogre champion finally succumbed.

But the Night Goblins were wiped out by the Hammerers.

At the end of the game (c6pm Sunday) the Dwarves had won. The Beastmen had been constrained due to the scenery and couldn’t get in fast enough, but when they did were very effective. This left the Orcs to take the brunt of the attack. The Gyrocopters caused havoc on the flanks and weren’t picked off quickly enough.

Another enjoyable game !

As oveerseen by the feline controller….

WHFB: Xmashammer 2013 – 2 – The First Day

Initial set ups:

Evil !

T’other end…

Stunty !

Two units of Dwarf Rangers then deployed – one was 40 strong !

The Savage Orcs and Wolf Riders, facing 40 XB armed Dwarf Rangers charge into combat, but bounce off leaving just the Orc Hero to slow down this flank. This leaves 2 Bolt Throwers and 20 arrer boyz in defence. This flank held much longer than expected despite a gyrocopter swooping in.

Flank moves

The Beastmen’s main units get cobbled up and congested behind the scenery. This has a major effect on the rest of the game.

Beastmen ambush the DWarves, to no avail and are quickly driven off.

The Chaos Ogres adided by the Orc General on Wyvern charge into a Dwarven horde.

Some Gors catch 24 Long Drong’s Slayer Pirtates in the flank, but didn’t last long…

The Gyropcopters on the flank mess things up.

Head to head in the centre of the table.

Crunch !

Ambushers turn up

Trolls vs Trolls Slayers – at long last.

Centigors get stuck in to a Gyrocopter.

The centre of the board veers back and forth !

Mordheim – Part Two

Game 2:

So after my game aganist Anthony, he took on Jim who was fielding a Skaven warband. Skaven are quite tricky to deal with when you have new warbands as they often come en-masse. (Apologies for the quality or lack there of, of the photos, light levels remain terrible here needing lights on almost all day round at the moment)

And so it proved. Anthony set up a firing line high up in the buildings, and advanced his warriors and Warlock into the centre of the board.

Only for the Skaven to come at them from both sides, and cause a lot of casualties. His archers not having good lines of sight as they were too far back.

And so Anthony did a quick sharp exit. And found that his Captain would be missing for the next three games, so went back to the start and set up a new warband – Dwarves.

Game 3:

Jim and I next had a game – and I tried to learn from Anthony’s mistakes. So I sent four combat guys rounds the edges of buildings, whilst my archers (all two of them tred to get a bit further foward to target the Skaven.

Only to find that one of Jim’s Heroes had got the Sprint skill, giving him a charge range of 18″ meaning he got into combat with my centre group…whilst the rest of his warband mobbed my combat guys. I came away relatively unscathed.

Three games, and its 4pm, so Anthony and I gang up on the ascendant Skaven in a roughly evenly matched game…

Game 4:

We set up on the raised area of the board:

Yet again, we were encircled and picked off by the Skaven and their pesky slings. Even before we could react, I’d lost 4 men, and utterly failed my bottle test.

The Dwarves (mostly Long Drong’s Slayer Pirate figures, plus an antique Grenadier model) decided to cut and run shortly afterwards.


  • We had forgotten most of the rules !
  • …and the tactics…
  • What we did remember was used in good stead
  • Skaven are very good when it is low level warbands
  • They won’t get away with that again !
  • Its still a really fun game and you can pack loads of jokes into your warbands and their names.

And Now for Something Completely Different: Mordheim

Yup we had a few games of Mordheim today:

Byakhee Anthony had expressed a desire to do some Mordheim when we went to Colours.

So In had a quick rummage and found all the scenery I’d made 10 years ago.

Byakhee Jim joined us, and we had four games….

Loads of photos, so will be editting them tonight and publishing tomorrow. 🙂

WHFB: Orcs & Goblins vs Dwarves – Players perspective

Byakhee Gavin:

Outmanoeuvred by Dwarves – oh the embarrassment !


  • Managed to use magic quite effectively and imaginatively for once !
  • Bolt throwers certainly thinned out the Dwarven ranks but did not stop them. need to be better protected though.
  • Re-instating the Orc general on a Wyvern, getting him into combat and doing some damage , and could have been very much more effective if it were not for bad dice rolls.


  • Hamstrung myself with inflexible deployment with wide frontages of units, that then suffered animosity and blocked the key units behind them.
  • Unlucky dice rolls on LD rolls that meant c25% of my army fled off the board before doing anything !
  • Dwarf Miners – not sure what to do against them.

Despite losing still had a great time.

Anthony says:

My plan was to try and get the Dwarf flanking tactic to work – I’ve trialled this previously unsuccesfully (KIY says: against Empire, and Dwarves!). On these previous two occasions I was unlucky with the dice against me. the miners didn’t come on and that lost a lot of points, this time…the plan survived contact with the enemy and got the flank attack mopping up enemy units. The use of the Strollaz rune on the army BSB was a key success, and got the entire army 6 inches forward (at least those meant to move)


  • Stonethrowers, when souped up are reliable, and did their job admirably
  • Quarrellerers held the flank remarkably…
  • the scouts (Longbeard Rangers) got into combat second round.


  • Didn’t have enough anti magic, they literally stomped on me…though to be fair they got lucky with irresistable force 5/7 times ! (KIY: he didn’t get his rune of spell breaking off even)
  • The Black Orc Big Boss (Eeza Ugezod) was nasty surprise with a magic weapon with d6 extra attacks and the same d6 result, boosting his strength. The fact I took no wounds was extremely lucky.
  • Getting out manoeuvred by the Orc Shaman on the flank – a difficult one not a huge problem just annoying. One way round this is to give a dwarf hero pistols as a matter of course.

Overall I enjoyed, and had time with time with friends which is the point really.

WHFB: Dwarves vs Orcs & Goblins

Byakhees Anthomy & Gavin came round today for a game of WHFB, Richard had to cry off due to fatigue. I was already booked as host and co-conspirator (but not active player) supporting Gavin and his Orcs & Goblins.

Gav & I buffed his army for about 45 minutes (Gav has not regularly played WHFB since our teenage years so is getting a helping hand from the rest of us). He deployed his army:

Anthony’s Dwarves, deployed and refused a flank:

A big firing line, with 18 Thunderers and two stone throwers which were souped up. Longbeard Rangers (38) were deployed in the woods as Scouts. He also one first go as well, using the Rune of Strollaz which moved his enite army forward 6 inches before the game even started ! I’ve never seen stunties move so fast.

(NB: Due to the size of the unit, the two dwarves out the left hand side of the terrain piece are actually representing where the unit is, as there is no way a solid unit like this can be sat in the terrain piece. This is a common sense rule we use as a bunch of mates to keep the game going and fair)

Before we knew it, the stunties were on top of the Orcs and nearing close combat. the goblin fanatics were released but did not deter the bearded sprinters ! In the first go, the dwarf stonethrowers did a direct hit on the massed ranks of Harboths, and killed 13 of them, causing a panic text, which predictably they failed, and ran off the board. nearly 500 points of Orc gone !!!
They also hit the trolls, with a flaming shot and killed two out of six, again first go.

The Orcs then responded. Mostly by failing animosity tests, squabbling amongst themselves and hurling abuse at each other. This paralysed their left flank entirely.On the upside, the foot of Gork spell was succesful and killed 11 Hammerererererers straight off, which was quite a lot of points ! They were also hexed with itchy feet and reduced to a crawl, which is saying something for a dwarf ! The goblin spearmen charged into the Dwarf Longbeards,lost combat (predictably), and ran away.

The bolt throwers were effective (much more than my supposedly suprerio DE bolt throwers !), and the stone thrower did actually hit.

Second go, the Dwarves charged the fleeing goblin spearmen, and followed into the (stupid) Trolls, which they defeated in combat. This caused a cascade of panic attacks, with 20 Orc archers running off the board !.

The Black Orc Lord on Wyvern charged the Longbeards, did some damage, losing combat resolution by zero (musician broke the balance) and promptly failed LD (a roll of 10), and ran away, fortunately not being run down by the stun ties. However it did end up inches away from the board edge which was to prove fatal in the next round, when it fled again off the board (another ~400 points gone !). Again the Waagh! magic went off with another stomp from Gork causing 8 more casualties to the Hammerererers. Again they were also slowed by their itchy feet !

The Rangers having defeated the trolls, and reformed and went in against the bolt thrower crew (x2) with predictable results. The longbeards followed up into another bolt thrower, crewed by Notlob, who did some damage but was defeated and this caused the Orc general to flee again.

In the middle. The Black Orcs (Uza Ezzagod) charged into the remaining Hammerers, made the challenge (a very close run thing) but held at the end of the day. The archers finally moved foward, too little too late. The wolf riders had been decimated by the Quarrellerers (lead by Josef Bugman) and were fleeing and the Savage Orcs again were too little to late.

Gav called it a day at 7.30pm, with the Dwarves winning, with an aggresive combat army list, set up, and fairly lucky dice.

WHFB: Dwarf Juggernaut TA2 – Part Five B

Well Rich had a go at the cunning plan for the juggernaut – place a sheet of steel cut in to the shape of the main deck, cover the greenstuff and sculpt to make it look like the wooden deck.

He did two templates, one from thin sheet steel – this was on the edge of working.
He did a second template using metal tape – this was not really working.

So he’s gone back to the sheet steel option but using liquid greenstuff to make that layer even thinner.

In the meantime, as you can see I have been starting to paint the crew and passengers. I’ve tried to work in a common theme of blue clothing and some brass work on all the models to keep the putative army colour scheme going. Cloaks/ponchos are dark green, not least because the norse looking dwarf with axe was one of the first models I bought and originally painted with an (enamel) green cloak.

WHFB: Dwarves vs Dwarves & Empire

Byakhees Anthony, Jim Richard & I played a game today – remarkably short, staretd rolling at 1pm ended by 3pm !

Anthony & Rich turned up packing a Dwarf army (2k), and Empire (2k). Jim & I played two lot of 2k Dwarves.

Set up was completed. Surprisingly to me, Anthony and Richard didn’t refuse one of the flanks which was a bit interesting.

First round, and our six stone throwers had mixed success, until the 5th shot, when a direct hit on Rich’s White Wolves caused enough damage to provoke a panic test. Rich rolled 11, and then using his Battle Standard Bearer re-rolled and still got a 10…and then rolled 11 inches for a run away which was enough to see his entire unit of the table – 900 points running in the first turn…Then the Organ Gun (rolling a 10), Handgunners and Quarrellerers went onto wipe out the Drakwald Greencoats. So that was the entire flank gone in turn one. Adding insult to injury my Thunderers whittled the Imperial Outriders down to two !

Their turn and they killed 6 Thunderers, and that was pretty much it….and a crossbowman…

Next turn, the Dwarves wiped out the flanking Pistoliers unit and the Outriders causing Anthony’s Gyropcopter to panic and run away. Jim’s artillery hacked down more of Anthony’s Dwarves. My Dwarf Warriors charged the Reiksguard, rather than be charged by them (with lances), and won combat ! Guess what, the LD roll was 11 and they turned tail and ran, through the transgender wizard, at which point Rich declared game over ! Anthony knew the game was up as well, and so didn’t continue, so his 40 Miners didn’t get to turn up.

Anthony says:

We were trying to preform a flanking manoeuvre with the Dwarf miners, it is possible ! The plan was to bring a horde of 40 mIners on to a flank to cause serious problems and roll up thier exposed units. These were to be supported by Gyrocopters, that had proved useful against weaker troops. They are still yet to be tested on tougher opponents. The original plan was that they’d also be supported by the advancing troops on the flank which were initially planned to be Dwarves. This did not come about.

I regret in hindsight, of only deploying in normal deployment phase – I could have done everything as Scouts or Miners. I didn’t do this this time because of the size of the time. It would have forced me to take Great Weapons which I didn’t want.

Richard’s idea to field cavalry was good, but it should be heavy cavalry throughout. Reason: High Armour save and melee support.

It doesn’t matter how good the set up was, with those dice roll (Jim’s & Richard’s).

Richard says:

I brought two big units of knights in the hope that either of them would pretty much deal with anything in front of them [Anthony comments: Normally they have] with both units being Stubborn, so if stuck in combat could hang around in combat until help arrived, hopefully Anthony’s Miners. The Fast Cavalry were mobile support to keep up, but have yet to still see them do anything useful. ‘Cos they’re way to vulnerable to any form of shooting. They’d have been quite useful against our army ! 😀

With 40 missile troops on one flank, and 30 on another, there’s no flank to turn. Sending them down the middle means they ping off a few from big Infantry units they’d have made no difference.

In summary the army(s) we bought, were incapable of dealing with the army(s) Giles & Jim brought. [Anthony: If you’d got into combat…] Maybe, if in combat with the firing line…

In summary, bad dice roll affected by just how much the game would have gone.

Jim & I got it right, to a greater extent than Anthony & Richard. We got lucky with some good dice

Dwarf Juggernaut TA2 – Part Five: a cunning plan and Juggernaut Conversions

The Dwarf Juggernaut project continues.

Byakhee Rich has removed the bases of the four original crew, and 6 or so assorted pre-slotta Dwarves, and then added magnets to their feet.

As you can see these tiny magnets are pretty good, the sheet they are on is a plate of thin steel. So far so, good, but…

Making Plan A on how to attach these figures to the main deck threw up the issue that they are all unique models with unique footings, and he’d have to drill and embed ~20 magnets into the deck and then that’d totally determine which figure went where. Which would have been a bit constraining.

Rich’s plan B, was to have small strips of steel put on the deck. Very fiddly and visually intrusive.

We discussed this yesterday, and Byakhee Anthony was there – he’s a Dwarf General of decades standing so is taking a keen interest in this project. On hearing that the steel sheet that Rich has, could be cut using scissors, he made the innocent yet brilliant suggestion that we should simply cut out a steel sheet that covers the entire deck, meaning every figure can be placed anywhere on the deck.

Rich & I were stunned at this (now obvious) suggestion, but realised it was so cunning you could hang a tail on it and call it a fox.

So, Rich has one of the unassembled juggernaut decks to cut an appropriate shaped piece of steel out and fit. The next problem to resolve is to work out how to cover the steel piece with a covering to mimic the wooden grain of the original deck.

So we plan to either:

  • Cover it in a layer of liquid greenstuff and mark in a wooden grain effect
  • Cover it in a printed paper wood grain effect (yup, those magnets are strong enough to work through paper!)

On a related note:

Rich, in building his Empire Army, has also been poking around the dustier recesses of the internet and found a collector with a passion for steam tanks, and who has unwittingly acquired and converted some Dwarf Juggernauts !

And one for his Dwarves:

Rich has aksed for some better pictures from this chap…I spotted at least one of the pre-slotta Dwarf Bolt Thrower crew on the second one !

(NB: If you are the owner of these items, please get in touch, even if it is to ask for me to remove your photos from my blog)

WHFB: Dwarves vs High Elves Comments

Ok so a three thousand point army each side. Byakhee Anthony after retrieving his army list after (he turned up without army list and army book) laid into me and gave me a damn good thrashing.

So what went wrong ?

Rich, as the neutral obsever, arrived somewhat later than originally planned due to illness and being out until 3am….

We have just said that…there are three phases of WHFB…

  • Deployment (you cocked up)
  • Reaction (Dwarves can’t)
  • Pure dumb luck (You didn’t)

Obviously not as simple as that but they’re the deciding factors in the first few turns of the battle. Also, you’re suffering from playing an army against someone who has mastered it. So he can predict what sort of army you will use, counter your tactics knowing the ins and outs of the army.

Very true !

Psychology – totally different army. Dark Elves move fast and are able to react. And also there is a whole phase of the game that Dwarves don’t take part in [Magic] that’s a different thing.

Doing something like this, the battle reports like this, capturing different view points, is more useful and interesting than reading a blow by blow account. I hope.

Anthony says (and Rich types)

I’d have liked to put my favourite skirmishers (Shadow Warriors) in for this battle, but couldn’t justify their points cost. They would just get in the way of the idea of a very rapid attack, really.

The keys to the plan:

How to get at the dwarf artillery? A flying attack force on one flank, and heavy cavalry (8 Dragon Princes, that’s very heavy cavalry! R ) with a heavy (Lion) chariot in support on the other flank.
How to protect the flanks of the big spearmen units? With elite units (Phoenix Guard and White Lions) on either side. And then two small (8) units of Swordmasters to respond as needed.

It proved straightforward to move down both flanks quickly, taking out small units on the way for minor losses in return. By the end of turn 3 I was in combat with the artillery and they were out of the game. Meanwhile the main infantry block moved forwards, taking heavy casualties from artillery as expected. They took advantage of the immobilised Juggernaut, surrounding it with spearmen, White Lions and Swordmasters (and benefitting from not being shot at while in combat, too! R)

On the dwarf counter charge (into the flank of the swordmasters) the swordmasters held their own, actually out-killing the hammererers (who had rubber mallets) and allowing me to finsih of the Juggernaut and reform before taking on the Hammererers, which resulted in a crushing victory!

Overall, the strategy of going with a fast moving army concentrating on combat rather than magic or shooting paid off.

The King In Yellow says:

I expected at least some token shooting and much more magic.

One of the features of how we play WHFB here is that we all collect BIG armies, so we can field entirely different forces from game to game, and this battle was a good example of how that can catch out your opponent.

On top of this, I fouled up my deployment spectacularly, and then didn’t react quick enough – not that Dwarves really can. I hadn’t realsied the flaning cavalry were Dragon Princes, so the poor Rangers were destroyed instantly, and the Thunderers were dumb and sat there with no field of fire.

I deployed the Juggernaut for the first time, and got obsessed with it – I knew/know its no battle winner, but got carried away charging away unsupported at the enemy.

I then got unlucky, rolling a misfire for the Juggernaut, AND next roll having a second misfire for the organ gun. It all ended in a predictable bloody mess. Also typically my DWarf Lord, also seems to have been to the School for Dark Elf Assassins, and having hit 3 times on the Swordmasters, managed to roll THREE ONES to wound. Those three wounds might have made a big difference. Still I did at least annihalte one of the High Elf Spearmen units (40 each inc hero).

I think I’d learnt from some of Anthony’s tactics with flanking units, only he was one step ahead of me and knew what I’d do as Rich comments earlier. back to the drawing board/spreadsheet.

Still, I got to field the Dwarf Juggernaut, so there !
More photos of which will be forthcoming ! 🙂