Reboot Scenery and CD

Well there hasn’t been a lot going on here in the last month – the muse had left me.

Today I went to Shadespyre towers, and collected some resin scenery he’d had cast up for me, and then there is the prospect of a new CD arriving any day providing the French decide the chunnel can be re-opened.

Here’s the scenery piece:

More to follow.

Suffice to say the combination of some new decent music and an exciting piece to retro scenery has reinvigorated my will to live and be creative.

I’ve started painting again !
Guess what the scenery piece is !?!

WHFB: 2014 02 01 Battle – Empire & Dwarves vs Orcs & Dark Elves – Part 1

We had another game this Saturday, with four players: Anthony; Gavin A; Rich; and me.

Respectively: Dwarves; Orcs, Empire; and Dark Elves.

Drk Elves & Orcs deploy. We started with relatively good light, but as the gale moved in the light deteriorated so apologies for varying light levels !

Already I realised I’d mucked my deployment up and got units fouled up with each other.

Both sides refused a flank, except for the hippygriff conga line.

Empire k-nigits (who smell of hamsters and elderberries)

The Dwarves huddle together against the superior foe… 😉

Whilst my Cold On Knights (CoK) “encourage” the Night Goblin horde forwards…

Goblinoid animosity, wrecked the careful plans, and the Night Goblins surged foward, released the fanatics in their midst, lost nearly half their numbers and attacked the advancing hippygriffs. Throwing caution to the wind my Dark Riders eyeballed the White Wolves in support and shot them…for few casualties.

The Night Goblins were crushed and the hippygriffs advanced. The Dark Riders did a feigned flight behind the Savage Orcs…

The White Wolves charged the Savage Orcs with predictable results.

And another charge, with less predictable results !

Harboth trashedhisenemy in a challenge, and the unit held.

The alliance between Dark Elf and Orc crumbled though.

But the fast cavalry were loose !

Dwarf Juggernaut TA2 – Part Four

This is a big beast of a kit. I’ve opted to paint to wargaming standards the various decks before gluing them together.

An example is the lower deck, where we have a pile of coal that would be completely obscured once the upper and steering decks are added on top:

So what I’ve done is glue the two main decks together, along with the front wheels.

The steering deck, and boiler are still loose, but you can see where they go.

To help maintain structural integrity I’ve provided a base, using a spare plastic base tray cut to size. Nothing is true in terms of angles for this model, so there have been a few additions to the base to make it all work out.

The crew remain unpainted as they will be added in places you can’t get to normally. Similarly the “passengers”.

It gets deployed tomorrow, with a few more imporvements ! 🙂