WHFB: 2015 11 07 Oldhammerish – 2

So combat had been engaged, and neither army really had an advantage in the shooting phase.

One Eyed Sally, my Thane, armed with a magic weapon as Jim had guessed, charged the Wraith and dispatched it quickly enough.

By this point I thought I’d get the Zombie horde in my face but inexplicably Jim retreated them along with the Tomb King Necromance, only for him to fail to get much in the way of magic down my throat – I think I lost about 6 figures on total in the magic rounds in the entire game.

This was balanced by continuing bad LD rolls…

I did however pass my LD test, when removing BlackJack from the table and depositing him on his throne.

The Juggernaught meanwhile took a sideswipe from the Blood Knights, Vampire and BSB.

The Ghoulies got charged by my DRagon Guard, whilst the Runesmith and last skeleton rider danced around each other.

The Pony Express charged in as did the Flank Guard, making a mass brawl on the right flank.

Only I lost combat, the Flank Guard bouncing off the Blood Knights, failing their Ld test (6 & 5) and running away.

And then Jim’s Giant Scorpion turned up.

And attacked the cannon crew.

The Juggeernaut was finally knocked out, allowing the Blood Knights to side charge the Pony Express, who promptly broke.
(another 6 & 5 for LD)

Things were getting snippy, the Engineer being the last standing member of the cannon crew.

One Eyed Sally, and the Double Tap Crew charged into the Grave Guard, who were joined in short order by the Blood Knights with inevitable results..

But the Dragon Company had knackered Jim’s Ghoulies, even after a side charge by the bats had been seen off.

The remaining Grave Guard followed up into the now recovered Rangerererers, and got wiped out.

Getting ahead of themselves the Vampire and BSB engaged in combat with the Dragon Guard, who I had armed with a magic weapon – to no avail, I predictably failed my fear test (another 6 & 5), but held on in there by sheer numbers.

Whilst the X-Bow Factor led by Shambles, were attacked by the Giant Scorpion and the rallied bats, who were destroyed and beaten off respectively.

Yoric Yaffle, flees from the still inept skeleton bowman…

The End.
I had 10+ X Bows including a Thane, a full compliment of Rangers, 15+ Dragon Company plus Thane, and I’d rallied the 15 Flank Guard. Jim, only had a unit of Zombies, the skull chucker which had done SFA all game and a couple of Blood Knights.

A narrow victory to the Dwarves was declared.

By mixing up different units and armiesw we’d had a really fun time and constantly surprised each other.

The Juggernaught rules need reviewing, but had not unduly unbalanced the game – the4y just weren’t coherent. Seeing lots of old lead on the table on both sides was great fun as well.

Gratuitous Cat photo – BlackJack inspecting the Dwarven positions and the deadly d4 ! ๐Ÿ™‚

Dwarf Juggernaut TA2 โ€“ Part Five: a cunning plan and Juggernaut Conversions

The Dwarf Juggernaut project continues.

Byakhee Rich has removed the bases of the four original crew, and 6 or so assorted pre-slotta Dwarves, and then added magnets to their feet.

As you can see these tiny magnets are pretty good, the sheet they are on is a plate of thin steel. So far so, good, but…

Making Plan A on how to attach these figures to the main deck threw up the issue that they are all unique models with unique footings, and he’d have to drill and embed ~20 magnets into the deck and then that’d totally determine which figure went where. Which would have been a bit constraining.

Rich’s plan B, was to have small strips of steel put on the deck. Very fiddly and visually intrusive.

We discussed this yesterday, and Byakhee Anthony was there – he’s a Dwarf General of decades standing so is taking a keen interest in this project. On hearing that the steel sheet that Rich has, could be cut using scissors, he made the innocent yet brilliant suggestion that we should simply cut out a steel sheet that covers the entire deck, meaning every figure can be placed anywhere on the deck.

Rich & I were stunned at this (now obvious) suggestion, but realised it was so cunning you could hang a tail on it and call it a fox.

So, Rich has one of the unassembled juggernaut decks to cut an appropriate shaped piece of steel out and fit. The next problem to resolve is to work out how to cover the steel piece with a covering to mimic the wooden grain of the original deck.

So we plan to either:

  • Cover it in a layer of liquid greenstuff and mark in a wooden grain effect
  • Cover it in a printed paper wood grain effect (yup, those magnets are strong enough to work through paper!)

On a related note:

Rich, in building his Empire Army, has also been poking around the dustier recesses of the internet and found a collector with a passion for steam tanks, and who has unwittingly acquired and converted some Dwarf Juggernauts !

And one for his Dwarves:

Rich has aksed for some better pictures from this chap…I spotted at least one of the pre-slotta Dwarf Bolt Thrower crew on the second one !

(NB: If you are the owner of these items, please get in touch, even if it is to ask for me to remove your photos from my blog)

Dwarf Juggernaut TA2 โ€“ Part Four

This is a big beast of a kit. I’ve opted to paint to wargaming standards the various decks before gluing them together.

An example is the lower deck, where we have a pile of coal that would be completely obscured once the upper and steering decks are added on top:

So what I’ve done is glue the two main decks together, along with the front wheels.

The steering deck, and boiler are still loose, but you can see where they go.

To help maintain structural integrity I’ve provided a base, using a spare plastic base tray cut to size. Nothing is true in terms of angles for this model, so there have been a few additions to the base to make it all work out.

The crew remain unpainted as they will be added in places you can’t get to normally. Similarly the “passengers”.

It gets deployed tomorrow, with a few more imporvements ! ๐Ÿ™‚

Dwarf Juggernaut TA2 โ€“ Part Three

Byakhee Rich updated me with progress early today @ 00:29:37…

I did the back axle in one piece and managed to drill it all the way through the chassis โ€“ not easy, but possible. Iโ€™d still like to reinforce the chassis but Iโ€™m struggling to find an easy to use material e.g. 3 mm wide brass or aluminium strip as no one seems to make it that small. But it is quite sturdy as it [is].

So if anyone knows of a supplier of steel or brass strip 3mm wide, please let me know !!!

We’d talked about the plan to add magnets to attach the crew:

(NB: Look at the upper half of the image which si the Dwarf crewman, the lower half is the steel plate, and has the reflection of the crewman in it)

Rich first ground away the small metal base the dwarf was on.

I put magnets in the dwarfโ€™s feet and he stands okay on a flat steel panel. It should in theory work even better on corresponding magnets.

So far so good…

On the bad side, I seem to have wrecked my new variable transformer for my drill. The first one lasted 20+ years, the second less than 6 months. It worked fine on all your stuff but then conked out when I tried to do a simple drilling job! I have contacted the manufacturers… anyway, no more major power tooling for a while.

So things might be delayed, but we will see, I’m hoping to have a semi-functional model to field later this month in a game the Byakhees and I have planned.

That was Rich’s update, here’s mine:

I’ve started painting the upper deck and steering deck. As the detail on the casting is quite shallow, I did not undercoat them. I used Foundry Bay Brown, and Citadel Brazen Brass, with the ubiquitous Devlan Mud wash. I’m hoping that as this model will be fielded rarely and probably only in the Dark Tower itself, that handling will be light and the paint job will survive.

The main steam bolier will mostly be a brass/copper colour:

Last word to Rich, regarding his Empire Dragon he has been slaving away on for the last month or more:

If it would stop raining for a day or too so I can varnish and finish my Dragon, Iโ€™d send you some pics to post.