WHFB: Dark Riders (Updated)

Finally ! I finished off the first 5 Dark Riders.

Here they are:

The Kits limit your options as to kit bashing, but they do convey a dynamic (fast) cavalry unit in action. The size of the standard is a bit limiting but not a real problem. Overall, nice models.

I’ve used a dark green cloak to help them fit in with the rest of the army, along with the white rune on the banner.

These will be deployed as a 10 man unit.

The next five are nearing completion, along with 10 Worlocks, a unit of BUF plus command and some hedges. I hope the light levels will be better for my next pictures.


A slightly better picture -I may have a third crack at photographing this lot when the next 5 are done. The light levels are very oblique.

Yawnorama – Pecorama

Well that was quite a break. Real life intervened with a grotty cold, chasing up the builders to come and replace the floor they laid in November.

As it happens I have also been busy finishing off some more DE Spearmen, and doing more scenery. At the last AVBCW Big Game I found I had still not got enough scenery ! So I have been painting/building more gates and stiles I got as Xmas presents, using up the last of my modelling supplies for more CD based scrubland. All of these have been shown before, so I decided not to bore you all with more of the same (Yawnorama).

However, I did buy myself some more hedges…about eight foot’s worth ! These are from Peco, I’d picked some up at Colours 2014 and liked them. They are made on the wire brush method. The Peco website is, quite frankly shite. I ended up phoning them direct. You can find the actual products here on the Peco Publications site (obviously). The hedges are under K&M Trees.

Back when I was young, my father a railway enthusiast took us, or rather allowed us to tag along, to a day at Pecorama . This was a good day out that I enjoyed and even managed to pick up a packet of Airfix 1/72nd German Mountain Troops ! 🙂 Well worth a visit for anyone interested in trains and models in general.

So I have lot of them to base. On the CD scrub bushes, there are also some more Gorse bushes again from Peco to mix things up. They’re for 1/72nd OO/HO scale, but the pack I’d bought eons ago had enough large chunks to be of use. I’ve blitkreiged them, as they take up a lot of room whilst being done, and as the builders will be back soon, my very large kitchen table will be unavailable

And finally, hopefully tomorrow light levels permitting, I’ll have completed the new Dark Riders unit. The Worlock at the back is my test case, as is the Dark Rider. The four Dark Riders at the front require highlighting/a tidy up.

(Ab)Normal service might be resumed.

Finally, the builders indicate they might start work next week, in which I will retreat to the Playroom, tidy it up and finish off Great Wing !

WHFB: DE Dark Riders

As commented previously I have availed myself of some of the new DE Dark Rider/Warlocks kits, enough for twounits of 10 each. The kits are dual purpose and come on three plastic sprues along with transfer sheet.

As with all of the recent plastic kit releases, an instruction booklet detailing how to build the models is provided, and its obvious that these models are mostly if not wholly designed using CAD.

The booklet needs reading as the parts seem to be specific to each model so you can’t just go charging in and snipping bits off like you used to. There are options listed but these are more limited. It may be that there is greater variability between models but this is just the first box I’m playing with. The models are however quite fussy with a large amount of small parts so not suitable for younger people, nor the ham fisted.

Having now built all five models, there are a few key differences between these models and the old plastic/metal ones.

Three important tips:

Firstly, make sure the bases of the horses are totally smooth. As three of the horses have only one hoof on the base any excess plastic will make them look very drunk leaning one way or another.

Secondly, build the horses with two hooves on the base. These can then be used to support/prop up those with only one hoof on the base.

Thirdly, the reins are very delicate, clip the part off at the most delicate part first, then the more robust connection to the sprue.


The horses are smaller and much sleeker giving much more of an impression they are fast. The hunched down riders are much more dynamic, again re-inforcing the idea that they are getting a shift on.

The downside is the complexity of the kits, you have to be careful following the instructions.

As Dark Riders can now come with shields with no effective penalty I’ll be using shields a lot more to give a 4+ Armour save.

Next the alternate build of the Warlocks.