WHFB: Lots of quick games tournament style – Part 1

We set up three separate tables (4×4) with different terain in the village hall, and deployed armies of 1200PV, that we re-used to churn our way through different opponents for a day.

Neil W and Scott were the newbies tat came along. Scott has played long ago, and has also done Mordheim and Necromunda, but it was Neil W first outing for wargaming with his well painted Ogre Kingdoms army.

The first round was:

  • Neil W (Ogre Kingdoms) vs KIY (Dark Elves)
  • Rich (Empire) vs Jim m(Bretonnians)

Dark Elves vs Ogres

Ogre deployment.

Dark Elf deployment.

As we would be facing unknown adversaries, most of us plumped for generic army lists, so facing off against Ogres I expected to be squashed.

Which almost happened to my Dark Riders when they turned tail and ran away from the mournfang cavalry and escaped by one inch !

Luckily, the CoK hammered into the Ironguts unit with BSB, won combat and ran them down, causing the Leadbelcher unit with General to run away. However they rallied, and toasted my Harpies.

I then charged my Dark Riders into the Ogre bulls, and flank charged with the CoK. Amazingly, Neil pulled off lots of parry saves, wiped out the Dark Riders, and faced the CoK in a draw on combat resolution.

Only for the leadbechers to steam into the side of the Co, which amazingly survived a round of combat, passed LD test, which allowed my Silver Talons (Spearmen) to charge into the melee.

I won combat, Neil’s luck deserted him and he failed his LD tests and ran away…and then it was his trn…and he faled the rally tests…game over.

Good job, because the dice were not with me:

WHFB: DE Black Dragon

Next big item:

Saddle is left empty so I can mix and match figures as the model takes the old metal Cold One Knights..

Options for the riders to come…

WHFB: Dark Elf Sorceress

Ages ago I bought a figure, part painted it, and then let it slide back into one of the cases, only to find it again recently when tidying the playroom up.

I think it is a figure from the Celtos range that Kev White did most (all ?) of the sculpting for. No idea what it was meant to be originally, but it looks sufficiently like a Dark Elf for me to buy and paint as one…

Again, using my army’s paint scheme, I have used the ice blue robes, and dark green…

With the magic fire coming from her hand as bright green (warpstone), and gold to indicate she is a Hero/Lord/not one of the cannon fodder.