WHFB: Dark Elves Transfers 2

Four more banners that escaped Tuesday’s work:

The CoK Standard – chosen to mix in more with the army BSB.

Executioner standard – red, very difficult to see, but steeped in the blood read of Khaine. GThere’s a bit of shine from the transfer itself, which I’ll fix with some matt varnish when the weather is right.

Black Guard, symbol looks like the Eye of Ra, as in Malektih is watching you.

Finally the Corsairs, the Kraken face, its just appropriate. And about the only transfer that would fit on this small standard.

WHFB: Dark Elf Transfers

With the new miniatures come a full A5 sheet of transfers (aka Decals). When posting on druchhii.net it was noted that the standards of my army were blank. This was because I originally intended on printing my own transfers and decorating them. Well life intruded and over the last year I didn’t get round to that.

Today, I started decorating the banners with the GW supplied ones.

A few things to note:

  • Buy a decent pair of tweezers
  • Use a bowl or tea cup saucer, with a small puddle of water
  • Have a box of tissues to hand to soak up excess water
  • Cut the transfer from the sheet, I try and get close to the actual design, and make sure it is not a square/angular cut
  • Soak the transfer/decal in the water, making sure it is under the water
  • In the mean time paint Micro Set onto the area of the banner you’re going to add the transfer to
  • Slip the transfer off the backing paper after a couple of minutes
  • Grip the decal with the tweezers from one end
  • Do NOT grip it in the middle, as once out of the water the transfer will collapse around the tweezers and itself and be useless
  • If this does happens dunk it back in the water to disentangle it
  • Place transfer on the standard, and use the tweezers to shift it around – if necessary dip tweezers in water to keep the transfer from sticking to them
  • If there’s two much liquid, use a tissue to draw off the excess – don’t let it touch the transfer itself though
  • When its in the right position leave it to dry for a while
  • Then use Micro Sol, to help it adhere to the surface properly

So far the transfers I’ve used on my AVBCW stuff have all stayed in place, unlike back in the day my Airfix models that flaked off !

As you can see I’ve gone with a theme for my army – I don’t like the cheesy extended skull ones.

Warning – at the bottom of the sheet are very small transfers, and they are all individual. They are a right s*d to use.

For example, this standard/pennant has 6 separate transfers (three each side), I think I used more than 6 expletives whilst doing this one.

My advice is to start at the top of the sheet and gain experience. Expect to lose/damage some transfers. As you get a sheet per box, and you’ll be buying multiple boxes per unit there is room for collateral damage. So don’t get disheartened. The Corsair standards and the largest transfers are where you should start if you do not have experience of using transfers.

Hopefully they will tart the units up a bit. 🙂