WHFB: Dark Elf Heroes WIP

As well as various tanks under the lick of the brush, my Characters on Cold Ones have seen some progress:

DE Characters on Cold Ones 1

They’re at the stage of dry brushing the highlights. However in the current heat, the paint is drying too quickly and rapidly cogging up the brush so I had stopped, not wanting to ruin them.

DE Characters on Cold Ones 2

Then today, I went round to Byakhee Rich’s Pinning service, and he showed me his solution, or rather one I’d heard about but never tried. Wet pallette painting. I’ll be trying it out later today, with his home brewed version (and my knock off copy).

Witch King & Raging Heroes character

Whilst at Rich’s, I picked up some stuff that he had pinned previously. The Witch King, and a Raging Heroes character. I’d opted for the pointing arm rather than the sword, as there is insufficient room in a DE chariot.

DE Character by Raging Heroes

The arms of both needed pinning, and the cloak of Malekith’s. In addition, I wanted to be able to swap heroes in and out of the chariot, so the feet needed magnets.

Rich had earlier commented via e-mail:

Got bored and pinned some Dark Elves. Very pleased with how the Raging Heroes lassie went onto the chariot – the mini is so well balanced that you can stand her up without the magnets.

And indeed she does… now to add her and the chariot to the ‘to do’ list.

WHFB: DE Black Dragon

Next big item:

Saddle is left empty so I can mix and match figures as the model takes the old metal Cold One Knights..

Options for the riders to come…

WHFB: Dark Elf Heroes on Cold Ones

In preparation for an unexpected game tomorrow, I decided to finish off two Dark Elf (DE) heroes on Cold Ones.

The first is the standard Citadel DE hero on Cold One:

Straight out of the box. Used purple for the cloak and mount’s paraphenalia. Of course, any sensible general would opt for a Sea Dragon Cloak, to get to the magical 1+ armour saving throw…Maybe next time for the conversion job.

Again, gold has been used to pick him out as a character.

Next up is the conversion job for a Hero carrying the Army Battle Standard. I used:

  • the Hero on Cold One as a starter, the Cold one and legs are integral;
  • a Cold One Knight plastic torso – the champion one which has a raised arm;
  • a Corsair standard, nice and big and flashy, as befits the Army Battle Standard;
  • to support the standard, I used the sword arm, and glued the two together to provide the standard with support;
  • Adding the head, I used the fanciest and largest antler horns available, and glued them to the standard as well, to provide more support.

The support from the sword/arm, and the helmet horns help give a lot of support to the plastic standard which otherwise would be very delicate.

Again for painting I went for the classic Purple and Gold.

Now, what could I do for the flag itself ?


But in ice blue to fits in with the rest of the army.