WHFB: Cold One Knights

Totally uninspired this week, and have finally got round to doing some figures and scenery.

I’d just accumulated enough of the old metal Cold One Knights on the battle cattle cold ones, and then the new plastic versions came out.

The plastic CoK afre great, but the spears are very delicate and I can imagine them breaking. So after creating a hero on cold one, I decided to revisit the CoK unit I did as I know the old metal riders fit onto the new plastic cold ones.

However, I knew that the lances of the metal CoK, being only glued on on a very small contact area were likely to be easily snapped off.

And as you can see from the photo, they were indeed snapped off, even the sword arm of the champion (middle with dragonette) was missing.

So I took them off to Rich’s for pinning.

Then the weather closed in, and my plan to post the dismounted BUF cavalry troopers and Motor-Quadricycle of DEATH went by the by, so maybe I’ll have to seize the moment tomorrow for those two items. In the meantime I’lll edit the WHFB pictures I took from about 3 weeks ago !!!

In rummaging around for the CoK bits, I decided tow rite down all the missing bits from my DE army, and having taken a photo of the CoK on battle cattle when I got home, have decided to write it up for the blog as a sort of project management plan of things to do to finish off finally, after 8 years my DE army, so I can move onto doing the Dwarves, or Hobgoblins, or Amazons…err….

– Finish 10 CoK half started
– Finish 20 CoK metal, not started
– Finish 20 Witch Elves (raging Heroes)
– Finish 10-15 Sisters of Slaughter (GW)
– Finish 40 Dark swords (GW)
– CoB/Blood rack shrine
– 2 CoK Chariots
– 1 Scourge Runner
– 10 Black Guard
– 10 Executioners
– 10 Shades
– 10 Dark Riders

Should keep me busy until Xmashammer. I am determined to finish the army off, once and for all.
Then I can clear a lot of extraneous stuff out of the way.

WHFB: DE COK Building the unit

The observant will have noted tat the Cold Ones photo’d yesterday didn’t have any riders….

Now they do.
I have managed to make all of them have the same shield design and am scouring the net for more of the same design (will swap, please contact me)…

Head on.

The characters mounted on Cold Ones have been primed and received block coats of colour. Along with some decoration for their bases.

25+ years ago block coats of enamel were ok, now looking at these photos it looks very very crude. Good job they’re about to b washed and highlighted at the very least. 🙂

WHFB: Dark Elf Heroes on Cold Ones

In preparation for an unexpected game tomorrow, I decided to finish off two Dark Elf (DE) heroes on Cold Ones.

The first is the standard Citadel DE hero on Cold One:

Straight out of the box. Used purple for the cloak and mount’s paraphenalia. Of course, any sensible general would opt for a Sea Dragon Cloak, to get to the magical 1+ armour saving throw…Maybe next time for the conversion job.

Again, gold has been used to pick him out as a character.

Next up is the conversion job for a Hero carrying the Army Battle Standard. I used:

  • the Hero on Cold One as a starter, the Cold one and legs are integral;
  • a Cold One Knight plastic torso – the champion one which has a raised arm;
  • a Corsair standard, nice and big and flashy, as befits the Army Battle Standard;
  • to support the standard, I used the sword arm, and glued the two together to provide the standard with support;
  • Adding the head, I used the fanciest and largest antler horns available, and glued them to the standard as well, to provide more support.

The support from the sword/arm, and the helmet horns help give a lot of support to the plastic standard which otherwise would be very delicate.

Again for painting I went for the classic Purple and Gold.

Now, what could I do for the flag itself ?


But in ice blue to fits in with the rest of the army.