Scenery: A Monument to The Hounds of Tindalos

This item was one that I bought years ago again from Monolith Designs but is no longer listed/available apparently (I can only see a flat bas relief version of it).
When I was oding the Lustrian scenery I rememebred it, found it and did it up quickly.

The Hounds of Tindalos, are supernatural creatures that inhabit the angles of space, and hunt their prey that lives in the curves of space mentioned by H P Lovecraft and Frank Belknap Long:

A large resin piece, I baed on the usual CD to add some cover including some ferns and other stuff. I painted the fern (aquarium plants) yellow and grey where it faced the object (monolith?) to portray its baleful influence.

I used Foundry Granite as the main colour but then painted the Hounds in the reliefs gold and blue to make them stand out.

Aside:- This is the scenery piece I mentioned in the comments on my Paint Log posting, and count it as worth 3 figures due to its size rather than complexity, plus I stuck some scenery on the CD base.

Eldritch Statues

I availed myself of some of Copplestones’ Eldritch Statues (FMT5), they’re meant to be 15mm, but they look pretty good next to 28mm Archaeologists:

Resin pieces, based on Renadra 40mm round plastic bases. Copplestone Female Archaeologist (BC19) for scale.

And here they are again with a Pulp miniatures Lady Jane (PHP04):

I got these on a whim, they’re 15mm so they could go well with 15mm Laserburn (somewhere in the archives is a copy of White Dwarf that has a Traveller/CoC scenario and I’ve done a short lived adventure in that genre as well).

And we all know that the Plateau of Leng is in the Himalayas/Central Asia, so what are the chances of a BoB game having some of these inputs ? 😉