Raging Heroes: More Blood Vestals & Heroes

Following on from my earlier order of Blood Vestals, I did another order with Raging Heroes (and Byakhee Rich also indulged) which arrived today.

Exactly as ordered, the goods arrived in a variety of packaging that is really eye catching, and has really good protection from the manhandling the postal services in France and the UK.

I now have enough Blood Vestals to field a 20 strong unit. So they’ll be going offf to the paint table to help break up the Equine madness that is about to happen (more of this later).

I also got a couple of the Skaryaa hero model:

This comes with three separate left arms: a second scimitar; a shield; and attached to the main body casting is a pointing arm.

Oh, and I also got Asharah, which is described as appropriate for Vampire, Dark Elf and Chaos armies:

As you can see this is quite a complex model, with three head options including a separate head piece, three right arm options, and two left arm options (book with flames, or a shield). This is going to need some pinning, but looks to be an excellent model and really can be tailored to suit any of the three armies it is aimed at.

I’m looking forward to (slowly) over the next few months painting these figures with the care they deserve. The sculpting is top notch as is the casting with no flash other than on the tabs for separate arms etc. Packaging and service is 110%.

I have no hesitation in recommending Raging Heroes as a great supplier.

I’ll be keeping an eye on this company for their futurre releases.

Not that I should need them, my local GW Shop Manager asked me if I was trying to go for a 1:1 representation of the army of Naggaroth….