Scenery: Chaos Gate

Some time ago I bought on evil-bay a cheap plastic gate, probably from Heroquest or one of the other GW/MB boardgames from the early 1990’s. There was a gleam in Scenery Boy’s eye for a scenery item…and having found it on Thursday decided to act to turn this into reality.

I used the usual CD base idea, added the gate and then chopped up some spare movement tray pieces to make the paved approaches to the item.

I didn’t want to do a plain grey gate, I wanted to stand out, and therefore went with Red. I gave it a good wash with Baal red, and though got carried away with it (the wash) pooling either side of the uprights decided that was good, because obviously as a Chaos gate, it would be oozing blood in a distinctly unpleasant manner.

I gave it a second coat and then highlighted it. Then I used bronze to really make it look weird and all Chaos-y.

I’ll have to write up some simple rules so we can use it as a game piece in WHFB.

I used the dried grass effect, as I guess being this near to a Chaos Gate is not environmentally friendly.

A nice cheap piece of scenery !