Cats = Greater Stomp Attack, and White Russian Lancers

Whilst taking pictures of the Ogres, I activated the Jealousy Rule in BlackJack.

Here he is moving in to the photo box.

And he sat on the Ogre I was photographing.

It can’t have been comfortable.

Obviously Cats have a Greater Stomp Attack rule…
Just as well he didn’t sit down on the 15 White Russian Lancers I photographed !

The lances are steel pins…

Clearing out the Play Room

Now the observant will have noticed a lot of RCW/BoB figures being painted.
Yup, that’s because I found a box of them on the floor of the playroom and I’m trying to paint all of them along with their brethern before I put them all away and I am catalogouing them on the way. So lots of White Russians, especially mounted figures, and you’ll be able to see the next unit in the background in the next couple of photos:

Yes I found a big box of stuff that needed sorting through.
As you can see from the photos, how big it is, because there is a cat who loves it!

And anyway, it’s not like I’m going to get to see the DVD/TV:

So I have three days to clear out:

  • 10 Plastoon
  • 5 RCW Command Squad
  • 10 BUF Cavalry
  • 5 BUF Command Cavalry
  • 15 Cossacks

For starters.


(The Dark Elves are done just waiting for the winking of a photograph)

The Sun has got his hat on….

At last, a day when the sun is out and I am not hosting a game !

Finally some more painting, photos and varnishing.

Oh, and cats going out so they don’t wreck the place.

Even though they did like the fire last night.

I took natural light for granted until setting up this blog.

Some WIP.

Monsters, Zebus, Hills and Mice

Marty Feldman’s Monster sketch:

I can’t connect with this sketch at all, this never happens to me when I take one of my feline miscreants to the vets. They’re always quiet, docile, never trash the contents of their cat box, and certainly never draw blood by reaching out through the bars and slash me (or passers by) with their claws.

A grossly under-rated comedian, Marty Feldman also appeared in Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein.

Here’s the second version of the Zebu, as described earlier. This time with the top hatch open.

For my sci-fi stuff, I have some flat chipboard 4×2′ boards, painted but not very exciting. I had a spare GW plastic hill, so I used the baseboard emulsion paint for the abse, coat followed by Foundry Granite, some GW Thrakka Green wash for the gullies, Foundry Slate for the stone flanks and then some dried grass static grass.

For 15mm scale, this gives quite a good sized hill, with some interesting terrain, as you can see from the size of the two figures on the top.

Whilst writing this post, my Furry Feline Fiends, have brought home the Food.

Yum !
Just what I wanted after my sausages, mash and ratatouille…
They say that cats bring home their prey to their Human owners/servants because they are teaching us how to hunt and get proper food. That was the third mouse in 30 minutes, so I guess they found a nest and systematically brought it home to me. I suspect, tomorrow morning I’ll find the rest of the Family Mouse scattered around the front door and back door in various states of dismemberment.


With inclement weather preventing varnishing and taking photos, and a pending cold, I’ve done a bit of housekeeping on the site, re-organising the pages/menu, adding a new one on AVBCW, and tweaking a few things in the background, as is the wont of a webmaster.

The Cats page has also been updated.

Weathering of Weathertop continues with all the separate pieces done, only the large base remaining to be done. Now that’s used up 2 bottles of Devlan Mud, and one of Thrakka Green already !