Scenery: Carts

Sometime ago I bought some cart kits from 4Ground and found them again when I was exploring the wilds of the Playroom. As previous 4Ground kits had been easy to put together I collected the kits and went to build them.

The pieces came out fairly easily most needing just a push from a thumb nail to prize out. However, there are many thin pieces so you do need to be careful. I don’t normally read destruction manuals, but have learnt that sometimes you need to, and these kits whilst deceptively simple do go together a lot easier if you read the destructions that are included. So I set about building the two carts I had – two different types.

However, I quickly spotted that in building the two carts at the same time that whilst they shared some common components, there were others that were subtlely different. So I therefore kept the parts and assemblages on separate pieces of newspaper – I always reccomend buying a broadsheet newspaper not only because of better news coverage, but because they provide you with lots of table saving coverage !

I built both at the same time, as there were stages in the build where it was wise to stop and let the PVA glue set before moving onto the next step. I was also assembling some GW Cold Ones at the same time that had arrived in the post (again part of my plan to build and paint figures as they arrive rather than add to the geological strata of half completed piles of bits in the play room).

In two short sessions of less than a combined hour and a half, I completed the two carts, and the five Cold Ones. You do need to be careful with the wheels and axles – you’re expecting them to have round shafts and round holes, and of course that’s the one thing laser cut mdf kits don’t have. So one axle was a bit damaged when I got carried away. Similarly, be careful when putting parts together that you get the right side facing outwards ! One side is more detailed than the other. Otherwise these kits were superb to put together.

The carts will be useful in virtually all my gaming projects: Warhammer; AVBCW, BoB; and AWI. They are generic enough to be used as clutter on any number of farmsteads through time and space. Well except for my 15mm Laserburn.

I’ll be painting them an exciting brown with an equally exciting brown wash to pick out the laser etched planking details, but unless there is a petition on Kickstarter to fund me taking photos of these brown kits being painted brown, I’ll spare you those photos. 😉