BoB: Support Weapons

Some pictures of figures I’ve painted in the last fortnight for the BoB Big Game…Yes I still do paint figures as opposed to scenery !

Matt had indicated he needed a seco nd Turkish field gun, I knew I’d bought one years ago, and promptly found it on the play room floor in a box. Great, so i started painting it up. In an exchange with Matt I suddenly thought it was strange it only had three crew when all the other Brigade & Copplestone field guns had four crew. A quick squizz at the Brigade site confirmed that my pack was one short – having bought it years ago at a games show, I decided to just bite the bullet and order a new gun crew from Brigade who are based in the rebel colonies.

Friday lunchtime, the postie turned up and she gave me a package from Brigade Games – about a week from order to delivery across the pond ! An excellent service from Lon as usual.

So I decided to blitzkreig the painting and get the fourth crew member done !

Having got up at about 6.45am, I had just enough time for the paint and glue to dry before handing it over to Matt at 10.30am. I didn’t have time to add static grass though.The fourth crewman is standing at the back holding a shell. Matt further embarrassed himself when in an accident, the field piece tumbled to the floor. Luckily no harm done.

I’d similarly promised Roo a Bolshevik HMG which was finished on Friday.

And I just about finished the second Bolshevik HMG for Nick on Saturday morning (note lack of static grass !). I varied the paint job and this Copplestone Castings set comes with variant heads for the loader, so obviously varied the heads just to make the two stands different.

An elite Bolshevik HMG was well under way, but as it was not needed got put to one side.

Train (now arriving at platform 1)

Some more rolling stock:

An armoured train.

Coach, and high sided truck.

Flat bed trucks with varying height side pieces.

A flat bed truck would often be put in front of the train so that any sabotage/explosives would destroy it, rather than the main locomotive. The flat beds with higher sides would be used for supplies, horses and troops.

For Sale

New page added to cover some of the stuff I have For Sale.

Does what it says on the tin !

First up late WW1 Germans.


The Swedish LKII is finished. I tried to use a system similar to the ones painted on the museum pieces that was not the German WW1 Mustard/Red-Brown/Grey but something subtely different.

So I ended up with Foundry Slate Grey, my basing colour brown, and Foundry Moss. Given a brown wash, and then highlighted.

A picture showing the LK II (Copplestone Casstings) which is 1/55th next to Brigade Games Mark V (which is 1/56th), next to First Corps Erhart which is probably 1/48th (?).

British Mark IV Tank – female

In the great British summer, the countryside is a buzz to the sound of the strimmer, hedge cutter and mower. However,this week it has been far too hot and there is an eery silence across the country. So I did some painting.

Cue the snorting monstrosity of a Mark IV tank:

Yup, finally got round to finishing one of these beauties off. Armed with machine guns (Hotchkisses or Lewises) only:

Byakhee Rich had pinned them some time ago and I’d done 80% of the painting.

Next up is the Hermaphrodite Mark IV – one sponsson female (machine guns):

One Sponsoon Male (Gun and machine gun).

Then I can get on to the next 6 Mark IVs and give them White/Red markings. ๐Ÿ™‚

BoB/RCW: Plastoons 2

Another set of Plastoons – dismounted Cossacks acting as infantry:

Models by Brigade Games. As per their Shock Troopers, slightly more slender than Copplestone but easily compatible.

A Lewis LMG gunner, from Copplestone to support them:

Yet another 10 Ragged White Russians…

BoB/RCW: Cossack Standards

In preparation for June’s Big Game of BoB, I’ve done some Cossack Infantry Standard Bearers:


  • Don Cossack Host
  • Kuban Cossack Host
  • Terek Cossack Host

These are all Copplestone Castings models with steel pin standards and colour print out flags edged with paint.

The Don Cossacks started out as the most organised and independent of the Cossack Hosts partially due to their size and support from the Germans, but after initial losses to the Bolsheviks in 1918 were largely subordinated to the Volunteer Army/AFSR. The Kuban Host was less organised, but remained independent before crumbling along with the AFSR in 1920. The Terek Host was the least numerous and least well organised.

I also did some more Shock Troops for command squads:

These are all Brigade Games figures.

Apart from the Lewis LMG guy who is Copplestone.

BoB: Farmhouse

Another one of the excellent Brigade Games resin scenery pieces:

A nice piece of scenery.

Again a light weight and crisp resin casting.

Makes for a richer (Kulak) farmer’s house.

BoB: Ruined barn

Another purchase from Brigade Games, a ruined version of their barn:

Comes as a kit in light weight resin – the roof is made of four pieces. A nice crisp casting.

This makes a dozen or more buildings for BoB/RCW which is the minimum you need to put on a Big Game over two 6×10 board along with the 200 inches of fencing…

And if you think 200 inches of fences is a lot, then to make a single 12 inch square field takes 48 inches, a 24 inch square field takes 96 inches. preparing enough scenery for Big Games is scenery making on an industrial scale.

The ruined barn should go well with another ruined building that is WIP…

The Tank park expands

Taking advantage of a recent discount offer from one of my favourite sculptors, I bought some more tanks along with JP:

The “delay”, was a mere 5 days between placing the order and it arriving !
That’s a quality service, as usual from Copplestone Castings.

Now as it happened, I was out when the package was delivered (and signed for as per tacit agreement with my regular postie – this is a Local Postal Service, for Local People, we’ll have no trouble here).

And I was out collecting some of my BoB vehicles from Bennett Pinning Services (C)(TM). In this case some Austin-Putilov Armoured Cars by Sloppy Jalopy which generated a few swear words but when finished look excellent. And a Copplestone Garford-Putilov armoured car that the Bolsheviks used a lot.

Finally some FT17’s that arrived in the Crimea and Odessa regions thanks to the French and their Greek allies. A few more arrived in Siberia as knock off copies by the Americans and were promptly diverted by Red sympathisers to the Bolshevik partisans. FT-17s by Brigade Games.

Two with titchy cannon, and one with a Hotchkiss HMG.

Turrets have magnets so they revolve, and as you can see Bennett Pinning Services provide comfy foam trays as well. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Maybe I’ll change my title to Director of Marketing, Bennett Pinning Services… ๐Ÿ˜‰

In the meantime, I have painted and based 200 inches of fencing and have a number of new units ready for photoing so stand by…I guessed people wouldn’t be enthralled by lots of fences…