WHFB: Lots of quick games tournament style – Part 3

Dark Elves vs Bretonnians

Ok, having seen my CoK trash the Ogres I started out positively against the three columns of Bretonnian k-nigits, especially as I managed to whittle one unit down from 9 to 6 during magic and shooting phase.

Then a rock from the trbuchet landed on the Silver Talons, and wiped out 13 of 20…errmm….and ten the CoK got charged in the flank by a k-nigit on Pegasus, and then a column of k-nigits head on.

You may note the gap to the right of the CoK, because that’s where the Silver Talons were, before they had been massacred by another column of k-nigits who pursued them off the table taking my main combat hero and Level3 High Sorceress with them.

Gamne over – 5 Harpies, 5 Dark Riders and 10 RXBs and a Level1 Sorceress are not going to stop the remaining k-nigits and pegasi borne heroes…

Short and not very sweet for me.

Empire vs Ogres

Scott and Neil squared off against each other. To be fair to Scott, he was playing with a fairly unknown (to him) army that Rich had been kind enough to build and loan him.

So he charged straight into the (Great) maw of his opponent…

Head top head combat ensued.

The Ogres won out, especially when the swordsmen ran away from the Leadbelchers.

Empire vs Bretonnians

The penultimate game of the day.

Scott again deployed his Empire troops – this time not blocking LOS of his X-bows. 😉

Again the three Bretonnian juggernauts surged forward.

Crashing into the Empire flagellants…

Whilst on the far flank Luthor Hess charged and pulped a Bretonnian hero on Pegasus…I took the photo even before combat was initiated as I knew the likely outcome…

The Bretonnians finally defeated the swordsman who had joined combat and ground the flagellants down.

As Scott noted his lesson:

Don’t join the flagellants with other units in combat ! The flagellants don’t mind dying in droves as they are frenzied and steadfast, the other units will run for it because of the high body count affecting combat resolution.

Jim’s k-nigits also saw of the Empire knights and with the majority of the hard units running for it Scott threw in the towel as I had done.

Final part tomorrow – Ogres vs Empire

WHFB: Lots of quick games tournament style – Part 1

We set up three separate tables (4×4) with different terain in the village hall, and deployed armies of 1200PV, that we re-used to churn our way through different opponents for a day.

Neil W and Scott were the newbies tat came along. Scott has played long ago, and has also done Mordheim and Necromunda, but it was Neil W first outing for wargaming with his well painted Ogre Kingdoms army.

The first round was:

  • Neil W (Ogre Kingdoms) vs KIY (Dark Elves)
  • Rich (Empire) vs Jim m(Bretonnians)

Dark Elves vs Ogres

Ogre deployment.

Dark Elf deployment.

As we would be facing unknown adversaries, most of us plumped for generic army lists, so facing off against Ogres I expected to be squashed.

Which almost happened to my Dark Riders when they turned tail and ran away from the mournfang cavalry and escaped by one inch !

Luckily, the CoK hammered into the Ironguts unit with BSB, won combat and ran them down, causing the Leadbelcher unit with General to run away. However they rallied, and toasted my Harpies.

I then charged my Dark Riders into the Ogre bulls, and flank charged with the CoK. Amazingly, Neil pulled off lots of parry saves, wiped out the Dark Riders, and faced the CoK in a draw on combat resolution.

Only for the leadbechers to steam into the side of the Co, which amazingly survived a round of combat, passed LD test, which allowed my Silver Talons (Spearmen) to charge into the melee.

I won combat, Neil’s luck deserted him and he failed his LD tests and ran away…and then it was his trn…and he faled the rally tests…game over.

Good job, because the dice were not with me:

WHFB: Dark Elves vs Bretonnians & Lizardmen

A short notice battle yesterday with Byakhee Jim. So short notice he had to buy the pizzas, and we didn’t know what armies we’d be playing. He brought Bretonnians and Lizardmen, and not a stone thrower in sight, however there were several salamanders and a lot of cavalry…

I deployed first, refusing one flank. My army was sort of an attack army, with the two chariots (COC) and some Cold One Knights (COK) backed up with repeat Bolt Throwers (RBTs).

And a scout order of Mengil Manhide’s (only 10).

Jim’s forces consisted of two wedges of Bretonnian Knights, some Yeomanry, backed with some Pegasus borne knights. Then there was the Toad in the Hole (Slann) with 30 Saurus guard, a Skink shamen with 30 skink guard, two Stegadons and the aforementioned Salamanders.

And a Hero on Terradon, which I took captive, put on a proper base and then did the usual basing regime ! 🙂

Here’s a load of photos (20+) ! Roughly in order for the narrative below…

The Bretonnians got down and prayed, having reacted inline with DE fluff (It’s just a pity they’re awake)and taken the option to go first last time, I decided to let them get on with it this time. I suspect there’s a ward save involved and he didn’t get it this time.

Mengil’s got two Salamanders firing at them and the Terradon and hero sniping at them. So they were cut down to 3. The sneaky Toad in the Hole got off some special Skill “Aligning the heavens”, which gave him the ability that when rolling magic any double was a Irreversible spell. He then proceeded to deploy the Comet of Cassandora right in the middle of my forces. At the same time his cavalry surged across the board towards me.

My response was pretty much the same, throw some Hydras, COK and chariots at him. However, I also had to get my Black Guard and a few other items out of the way of the incoming Comet, which snarled up my charging lines (as I tried to keep lines of sight open for the RBTs). Sure enough the comet landed at the beginning of my magic phase but I escaped with only 9 infantry casualties. The RBTs did precious little against the knights, but I did kill 4 of his knights at least.

The armies clashed, his skinks charging my COC, and the Toad in the Hole’s Saurus unit charged the 5 hapless COK who turned tail and ran as did one of the COC. Hmm, this was the second time the COC have made it into combat, and the result was a surprise for Jim. A nasty one, Byakhee Rich has mutterd that DE chariots are nasty pieces of work, and so it proved, as even though they charged, the chariot won combat (just). I think I’ll be regularly deploying these babies from now on. 🙂

The next couple of turns saw the centre of my army become disorganised due to either fleeing units, units locked in combat, or the hapless infantry being ground down. One Hydra was destroyed by flaming attacks, and we managed to work out (we thought) how Hydras and their Beastmaster handlers work in combat properly for the first time. Disappointingly Felhir Lockhurt failed to do any real damage to the knights, because of the 2+ armour save.

So the cavalry squadrons started rolling up one flank of my army, but by then I’d managed to reverse the COC chariot, and got my second Hydra into combat with the large skink unit that had been held by by the first COC.

And this combination defeated that unit and wiped it out.

By then it was 6pm, end of turn 5 and I knew I’d lost, but I’d severely mauled his forces, so called it a day.

Upsides and Downsides:


  • Dark Elf Cold One Chariots are good, armed with RXBs, T5, Save 3+ they’re mean !
  • My army list was full of mobile and dangerous troops which really kept Jim on his toes.
  • I didn’t play to type – my opponents know my army too well, but the recent additions of units has started to pay off I think.


  • Five Cold One Knights is too small a unit, I need to pull my finger out and paint another five of them !
  • The army list was not right, and the better part of 300 points of Black Guard did diddly squat, next time they’ll be replaced by either chariots or COKs.
  • I need some more tin can openers. My luck was against me when all 4 bolt throwers missed, but I need something to make up for this in the close combat area, and not just Hydras.

WHFB: Dark Elves vs Bretonnians

Byakhee Jim and I had a short notice random game of WHFB. It was so short notice and ad-hoc neither of us knew what army we’d be facing. Jim’s Bretonnian army is constrained by what he can buy painted on evil-bay, and I artificially constrained myself to what I had painted, especially what new stuff I had painted. So I didn’t have a well balanced army, and fielding my newly painted unit of (all of) five Cold One Kinights (COK) was really asking for a hiding…

Jim made the mistake of fielding his peasnt skirmishers in front of a unit of knights, and I should have spread out another 6 inches or so. Both os us refused one flank. Other than that our deployments weren’t bad.

Jim suggested, I photo’d the armies, as they viewed each other at the start of the game, which was different.

Then his army sat down and prayed. Well, I was surte this gave him some form of advantage (I guessed a ward save), but as a Dark Elf General, I went with the line “It’s a pity they’re still awake” and launched the attack.

I envisaged a murderous assault of RXB, RBT and magic….then the dice intervened.

My first level sorceress managed to roll a double 6 on 3 dice, killing 7 of the RXB men in the unit she was embedded within. And the spell did no damage to the Bretonnians. My awesome fire power only killed 4 peasant bowmen and one knight. This set the pattern for my luck with the dice. Sounds like an excuse, but Jim agreed at the end my dice rolling had been unusually lousy.

Surprisingly, Jim’s armoured columns of knights did not charge forward, rather a single hero (Duke Forgar de’Artois) on BBQ wings (AKA Pegasus) bravely charged the Shades on my left flank, and took a fair amount of damage on the way in, perhaps my only lucky dice rolling of the game. Nonetheless, the knight managed to make them flee, and follow up into the Harpies.

Jim, had been expecting me to field Dwarves, so came equipped with 4 stonethrowers – all souped up of course (min/max). His luck started when his stonethrower did a direct hit on my army general causing 5 wounds….Heavy Armour, Shield, mounted, on a Cold One with a Sea Dragon Cloak, still gives you no armour save against a direct hit…squish…I had also placed the Chaos Gate piece of scenery I’d done which counted as an arcane terrain piece, so of course his Knights riding past got the beneficial Speed of Light spell cast on them (WS 10, I10) which was to come in handy later…

Come my turn, I charged the single Cold One Chariot at the peasants who run away (Jim applauded my good move), and then positioned the COK and Hydra to support it a tempting distance away from 2 columns of knights. My High Sorceress’ Cold One failed a stupidity test, so she was left stranded at the back and out of range. This left the Level 1 Sorceress, with the only spell within range – Penundural Pendulum…which relies on Initiative of the target to survive, guess which unit has I10 ? Not only that she managed to again blow herself up, reducing her level to zero. The Harpies killed the Duke in combat – a rare ray of light in a dismal round that saw precious little missile damage done. The Harpies on my right flank did take out one of his stone throwers though.

Jim’s next go saw the chariot destroyed by his army general on chicken wings (Hippygriff), the Harpies routed by a column of knights (I rolled 9 dice for a 5-6 ward save and failed ALL NINE times). His stone throwers almost halved the unit of Harpies on the right flank, and managed to trash the RXB unit on the flank that faced the next column of knights…
In combat, his knights managed to wipe out the COK as well.

At which point I called it a day.

Well I went in with an unbalanced army, and it showed it. WHFB 8th Ed, really punishes small units, and rewards large units. I think most of the Byakhees have agreed, that they know my army very well (too well), and have appropriate counter strategies, mostly involving souped up stone throwers to pound by puny T3 Dark Elves into the ground.

I enjoyed the game nonetheless, as I got to field my new COK and chariot. These will need working on and I have a few ideas in mind for new tactics and how to use them against my foes. Jim was also surprised, at the last moment reading the FAQs again at my suggestion, that Bretonnian knights have not been completely nerfed in 8th Ed.

Other than the small unit of COK, neither Jim nor I could see how I could have changed the outcome given my abysmal dice rolling.