AVBCW: Mayhem in the hills

I played three games today with Byakhee Jon, using the Brink of Battle skirmish rules. We had used these before some time last year, so we had to re-acxquaint ourselves with them, but we soon got up to speed quickly.

I generated 500 points worth of MHC to defend the hills:

JP, generated the same for the Black Shorts:

As JP does not have a full set of scenery yet (he’s working on it) I took some of mine, but managed to forget the camera (DOH!) – so all the photos are his taken using his phone.

First Game

MHC Rangers move swiftly through the difficult terrain.

The Blackshorts move up the road and take up position behind the stone walls.
That’s when the carnage started…

Due to a failure to read the rules – when my Commander Sir Johnathan Porridge was shot I pretty much lost any command skills ! So I failed the rout test and headed (literally) for the hills !

Second Game

After lunch, we re-arranged the scenery:

This time, the MHC took up good positions, and despite losing Sergeant Great early on, they took the Blackshorts on in a firefight.

It was going well until Sir Johnathan, who hadn’t learnt his lesson and moved forward replete in his red waistcoat.

And got shot…again !

Luckily for me, JP’s Blackshorts were on rout tests as well, and after three nail biting roll offs, the MHC prevailed.

One all !

Next up, the third game, and commentary on the rules.