WHFB: Totally Armed

I popped in  to GW and picked up the missing arm and a few more.

b-guard 8

The GW manager opened up a fresh box to clip the arm for me after I’d showed him the sprues I had.

Turns out that (assuming the entire batch wasn’t duff), you can’t actually make 10 Black Guard all the same. The assumption is that you will make a command squad 6 identical troopers and one trooper with a different arm. There has been some comment about the lack of options in some of the other GW kits recently. I’ll be going through the Witch Elf/Sisters of Slaughter box very carefully. But it does seem like GW are making kits that are less flexible than before. Which is a retrograde step.

To be fair, the GW manager after discussing this and opening up the box clippeed off the arms I needed for the second boxed set I bought (so I can make a unit of 20). Now I have spare command bitz that I don’t want…

The Final Famous Five

The final five spearmen I will (hopefully) ever do:


WHFB DE Troops 04 Final Five

I will have built more than 120 of these figures !

The shields are already done and the five of them are being undercoated. To the side are a couple of the old style plastic Dark Elf figures that are being kit bashed with the new plastic banners and arms from various kits.


Having done so many of these figures, I have to say:

There are many copies…


Also started are the first of the new plastic Black Guard which should rank up well, better than the old metal ones.

The Dark Riders are varnished and the new foam trays delivered, so I’ll comment on storage of figures tomorrow (yay!).

These are the last few things I have on the go before the builders return (Floor Wars II). The kitchen floor is due to be resurfaced, walls and woodwork repainted etc… and as a priority customer (!) the insurance company and builders aim to agree costs this week with work starting Monday.

Here is some salt, here is a pinch. 😉