Flocking, Chopping & Darth Spades

Today did not go according to plan.

New pot of glue, wow excitement city. As I have said before I get through one of these pots every year. There really is no reason NOT to invest in one if you are doing any scale of scenery, because you’ll use it up.

Then I had to mix the flock up to make what I had before. I use different six flocks to make the base flock rather than use sand that needs to be painted and dry brushed.

Pretty close. The actual CD bases I’ve flocked show no distinguishable variation between the new and old flock mixture.
Some of us are now recording the “recipes” for paints and so on, I’ll be doing that now for this flock. The plastic box is from a curry house near me – very useful !

So having ventured into town, I also had a visit from the power generator’s contractors who asked if they could cut /trim some of my trees near the power poles. I had to spend an hour going through shennanigans to ensure the tree was actually mine and not covered by a preservation order. Then agreeing for it to be trimmed down, chipped in situ and removed from the site.

After all that, I did some more washing and ironing, and as usual Spades used the warm t-shirt pile as a nesting site, and ended up looking like Darth Spades.