New Units for Saturday

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m trying to deploy a new unit of fully painted figures for each game I play.

Well I have a game planned with Byakhee Gav on Saturday (two day’s time), and have decided to do up some CoK hero conversions and an Avatars of War Sorceress. They’re all unique models so will not be run of the mill troops but I’m giving myself a break on the “unit” definition.

The CoK Heroes have been 2/3rds done for months and collecting dust with a reproachful look at me every so often, so I think its time they got finished off. I probably won’t do all of them, but I hope to get at least 3 done, along with the Sorceress on foot that Byahkee Rich pinned for me and rediscovered a month ago.

This also means I have to delve in to the DE Army Book, and my spreadsheet to build the heroes – not having had the models means I didn’t build the heroes with all their stats and weapons in my spreadsheet.

I’m also busy varnishing figures – my local GW store closed briefly as the manager resigned and they took time to recruit a new one. So I have a backlog of stuff to varnish and of course in this wet weather since it re-opened, I haven’t been able to spray without fear of spackle.

Bizarrely, in amongst the CoK Heroes, I re-discovered this figure by Hasslefree miniatures of Her Madge, loading a shotgun. Having just finished the AVBCW shotgun unit, I’m aiming to get her Madge sorted over the next few days (not for Saturday, shotguns don’t appear in the DE Army list (yet)) and ready for the september Big Game.

Update tomorrow on how I’ve got on, and then loads of piccies over the w/e as the WHFB game Gav and I will play will again be a 5k event, and hopefully complete my hat trick of victories (pride comes before a fall).

WHFB: Dark Elf Sorceress

Along with the DE Chariot crew and Beastmaster’s, Byakhee Rich’s Intensive Care & Pinning Unit took in a Sorceress I painted a few years ago and has been neglected on my painting desk after suffering an accident that rendered her ‘armless ! This is the option with a short hydra headed magic wand.

She’s an Avatars of War miniature. Comes with separate head for her dragonette familiar (!), head and two arm options. And the arm is connected at the elbow, so they really need pinning. If any sculptors out there read this, please make arm options join at the shoulder if possible with good strong surface areas and or deep joints to pin them !

In time, I will build the other option with outstretched hand